Locksmithing 101 | Full Install Of The TownSteel E-Smart 5000 Series Electronic Deadbolt!

Installing an E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt on a display is just taking off and reinstalling, so let us put it on an actual door. When it comes to installation, there's no difference between the 2000 series, the push button, or the 5000 series, the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth.


Let’s get started by putting a standard Grade 2 deadbolt latch. Installing an E-Smart deadbolt is similar to the standard commercial deadbolt, but make sure that the deadbolt piece can go both directions. Once checked, put it in. For the wire, make sure it goes right underneath. Then on the inside, the tailpiece and the wire are visible.

Installing an E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolts - Running the wire

Installing an E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolts


Next, install the metal backplate. Look for the allotted spots, circle for the tailpiece and rectangle for the wire, then fish both through. While holding, grab the screws, and put them in. Make sure that you get the sides nice and straight from up and down. Tighten it down. If it gets a ton of use and this starts sliding around, there are two holes at the top that you can put a couple of self tappers in.

Install metal backplate on the E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt

Installing the E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt lock


Once you have the backplate on and secured, it's ready for the battery tray. But, there are two very important things to do:

  • At the bottom of the tray, below the barcode, you'll see a right hand and a left hand. Make sure you have the door handed properly. To do that you need to shut the door and when you're on the outside of the door, whatever side the hinges are on from the exterior, the piece in the middle should move that way. You can move it by using a screwdriver. If the hinges from the outside are on the left, the piece should be in the left hand (LH) as well.
Installing the battery tray on the E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt lock
  • Make sure you flip the deadbolt out, or the deadbolt to be in the locked position;
Installing the battery tray on the E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt lock

Now, plug the wire and put the battery tray on. Get the four black screws that go into these four holes and put them on. Time to put the batteries that come with the locks.

Installing the battery tray on the E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt lock


You might like to time the thumb piece with the deadbolt. So when the deadbolt is locked, the thumb piece is horizontal and when it's unlocked, it is vertical. That way, from a distance, you can always know if it's locked or not. You don't have to go over and make sure it's locked with your hands, you can just visually sight jack it. Go and put it on and install the last two screws.

Installing the inside cover on the E-Smart 5000 Series Deadbolt lock

Check and make sure everything's working properly. If you did mess the handing up, it's not that big of a deal. In the manual, it walks you through step by step all of this stuff, so don't worry about it. The first one of these I installed, I actually did the handing wrong, and it's a really easy fix.

That's how we install one of the TownSteel E-Smart Electronic deadbolts. Now, as I said, whether it's the 5000 or 2000, they install exactly the same. I'd love to know what you think. Please ask your questions in the comments below!

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