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*Spend over $345 and add the #Lockboss Forever Party Pack to your cart for FREE!*

Setup, Manage, & Sell Restricted Key Systems - Online Course

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Setup, Manage, & Sell Restricted Key Systems 

A Restricted Key System can become the backbone of your Security Business and this course will teach you how.

This online course is for anyone who is interested in Restricted Key Systems or High Security Systems AND wants to make money. It does not matter what Restricted Key or High Security System you are looking at using. The principles are the same, period. Setting up, maintaining Restricted Key/High Security Key systems has SO much opportunity for your security business, done correctly it will become the backbone of your business.  

Setting up and maintaining a Restricted Key System's Integrity is of the utmost importance. Your customers depend on you to maintain and manage the data, locks, and keys. This course is going to not only walk you through how to setup and maintain Restricted Key Systems but we're also going to give you ALL the documents you need and show you how to use them!

You are also going to learn how to sell Restricted Key Systems! You will learn how to set pricing (keys and cylinders) and how to Identify sale opportunities, we even include worksheets you will fill out along with PJ. Restricted Key Systems are a win-win opportunity, customers want more control over keys and you get repeat business! We don't want you to waste the opportunity 

How many video's are in this course?

This course has over 9+ videos teaching you step by step!

What type of Key Systems will be covered?

This course covers the fundamentals of ALL Restricted Key and High Security Key Systems including GMS MX, KABA PEAKS, MEDECO, and many more! In the video's PJ uses the GMS MX system. 

Why do you say Restricted Key Systems and High Security Systems?

Because they are the same AND different but are setup and maintained the same way! A Restricted Key System, focuses on the key blanks and has VERY tight restrictions so the keys cannot be easily copied or duplicated. A High Security Key System not only focus on Restricting Keys but also focuses on the Security of the Locks and typically has a UL437 certification.

Does this course try to sell me a system at the end?

Absolutely NOT! This course is not a "sales pitch" not even close! This course is designed to equip you with the information and tools you need to deploy ANY Restricted Key or High Security System.

Will I learn how to setup pricing?

Yes, not only will PJ teach you the strategies and techniques to setup pricing you will also be provided worksheets so you can set your pricing, ensuring you will make a Profit!

How do I take the course?

After purchasing you will be emailed login instructions to our learning site within 24hrs or the next business day.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You will have lifetime access to the course, as time goes on we will