• In this review, you will learn how to cut a key and how to change out the key-ways, so you can cut multiple manufactures of keys! Read here for a full key machine review on this punch machine!
  • Today we are working on a 1997 Buick LeSabre. This car is equipped with VATS Keys which are outdated. Because of its age, something typically breaks in the ignition, and although the key turns, it won’t start the vehicle.
  • Today I am talking about lock hardware grades. I will cover each hardware grade and discuss why these are so important for a security professional.
  • Today, I am going to introduce you to the Entry Armor Patio Door Lock. Sliding glass doors typically use latches instead of locks, making it easy to break into homes. The Entry Armor Patio Door Lock provides added security to your home by using a keyed, heavy duty steel bolt that fits all your standard vinyl sliding glass door applications.
  • I want to go over a common locksmithing mistake when rekeying apartment complexes, office buildings, or anyplace that has numerous doors and people using it…. REMOVING EXISTING MASTER PINS!

    Always check for existing master pins. It is very important when rekeying or master keying existing locks that you check for existing master pins to avoid cross keying and other security issues.

  • Having the right Locksmith Tool is so important. This article goes through the Top 10 Locksmith tools we have picked for beginners rekeying locks.
  • Today we’re going to talk about how to cut a tubular key using the Ilco 009B tubular key duplicator. This machine is designed to cut the most common kind of tubular key, which is also known as the mid-sized, 137B, or 1137S key depending upon the manufacturer. These kinds of keys usually have seven or eight cuts along the key. 
  • Today we will be talking about how to cut a Lexus 80k emergency key on the Futura Auto. We get a lot of questions about these Lexus emergency keys, primarily because they are very thin in comparison to other kinds of emergency keys out on the market. Sometimes, you may have to use a different kind of cutter or shim, so there are always a lot of concerns people have. 
  • The Silca Swift Plus is designed specifically to cut a high security key, which is among the most difficult kinds of keys to cut. If you are in the market for a high quality, and value priced high security key duplicator, you need to check this thing out.
  • Impressioning is one of the most rewarding and satisfying skills in the locksmithing world today. Having the ability to take a blank key, stick it in a locked lock, and to be able to look at the marks on the key, and then file down that key to get it to work is simply a great life skill to have.
  • Today we’re going to be talking about the Toyota TR-47 clamping adapter. These adapters consist of two little metal pieces with a groove in them that works perfectly in the TR47 keyway. If you find yourself struggling to find a TR47 key, especially when you clamp the adapter in and the key ends up falling out, typically it’s because you don’t have enough material on the bottom groove to hold the key properly into place. These adapters will make this common problem on older key machines go away (such older machines commonly come with a two-way jaw).
  • Do you own an automatic high security key machine? If so, you know that they were meant to cut all brass keys. However, lately it’s been a lot more common to see a lot of hard metal keys instead. Today, we’re going to talk about two settings that you can use on just about any automatic high security key machine so you can cut metal keys far more efficiently.
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