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How to Duplicate Keys & Make Money - Online Course

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Duplicate Keys & Make Money!


Did you know that you can make $500 on a $40 key investment? Easily!  You just need to learn 2 main skills. How to cut the keys and how to price the key blanks! This online course is designed to teach you the skills you need to make your key cutting operation successful and profitable!

This online Course is for anyone who is interested in duplicating keys AND wants to make money, that's right make money and PJ will show you how! The key cutting business has so much opportunity and with a very low start up cost duplicating keys is  a fantastic opportunity!

Unfortunately, many people start cutting keys without knowing the proper techniques for duplicating and pricing.... then waste years of profitability only to become frustrated. Don't let that be you! With over 20 videos in this course you will be able to fill in the gaps of knowledge you never knew you were missing!

Have you ever wondered how to price key blanks? You are not alone, key blank pricing has been at the middle of many debates. PJ will share with you proven strategies that will take you from pricing guess work to maximizing profit! 

How many video's are in this course?

This course has over 20 videos teaching you step by step!

What type of Keys will be covered?

This course covers how to duplicate ALL Edge Style Keys for Commercial, Residential, Automobile, Padlock, RV, and more! Keys like KW1, SC1, Y11, H75, B106, basically all of the most popular keys in the USA today!

Do you already own a key machine?

Great! This course is designed to show you how to use it, even if it's super old!

Never cut a key before and not sure you have what it takes?

We understand, learning a new skill can be intimating but don't worry, you will absolutely have the skills and knowledge you need to not only get the job done but Thrive! We guarantee it!

What if I already have cut a few keys, will I get anything out of this course?

Yes, PJ goes from A to Z on Key Machines, Key Cutting Techniques, and Pricing Techniques so unless you already know all of that you will learn! 

How can you teach me how to price keys in my area, aren't all areas different? 

It's true, all areas are different but that does not mean the principles are not the same. My guess is that if you are asking this question then you will get alot out of this course!

How do I know the pricing strategies work? 

PJ has been in the Lock & Key business his entire life, first as a locksmith then as a supplier and has helped set-up hundreds of new operations and has successfully implemented this exact pricing technique and has made 1 locksmith over $100,000 in the last 4 years of EXTRA profit. It just simply works.

How do I take the course?

After purchasing you will be emailed login instructions to our learning site within 24hrs or the next business day.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You will have lifetime access to the course, as time goes on we will continue to update the course and you won't have to pay anything extra!

Does this course cover key programming?

It does not, it only covers how to duplicate edge style keys (which includes many transponder and remote keys) but does not cover programming them.

Does this course cover auto remotes?

It does not.



 1. Main Parts of a Key Machine
 1.1 Cutter Wheels-Angles, Materials, and Why Certain Cutters Don’t Work
     1.2 Tracers-What They Do and Why They are Important
     1.3 Vices-Using the Correct Vice Position
     1.4 Key Machines-What Type of Key Machine Do You Want?
2. Cutting a Key
 2.1 Identify the Proper Jaw
     2.2 Identify the Proper Alignment Point
     2.3 Cutting the Key with Proper Technique
     2.4 The Shaving Technique (Extends Cutter Life)
3. Key Machine Calibration
 3.1 A Quick Method to Calibrate Your Key Machine
4. Common Mistakes & Helpful Tools
4.1 Not Clamping the Key Correctly
     4.2 Not Finding the Corner of Every Cut
     4.3 Cutting the Shoulder or Tip
     4.4 Helpful Adapters
5. How to Make Money Cutting Keys
 5.1 How to Set a Base Price
     5.2 The Rule of 5 & 10
     5.3 The Money to Be Made Cutting Keys
     5.4 Customer Provided Keys
     5.5 Niche Keys for Big Profit
     5.6 Building a Key Route
     5.7 Stamping & Promoting Your Business
6. Bonus Content-Additional Resources and Materials

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