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Key In Knob,Lever,Deadbolt Cylinder For KW1 / WR5 US26D

$ 6.67
SKU K001-WR-26D
This Cylinder works with Kwikset KW1,KW10 and Weiser WR5, WR3
  • Exact pinning specification as original systems
  • Soild brass construction
  • Keyed 5-pin drilled 6
  • Supplied with multiple tailpieces
  • Screw-on retaining cap design
  • Works with Most Grade 1 and 2 Knob Lock, Lever Locksets and Deadbolts
  • Arrow D,E,F and K Series
  • Schlage B100,B200,B400 and H Series
  • Most Imported Locksets and Deadbolts

* To use with KW10 Key (6 Pin) you will have to cut top shoulder back.