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Who Has Control..Locksmith? Customer? NO ONE?

The Key Control, your customers want it, and now finally, we have it.

After asking GMS from time to time, the time has finally come to have our own MX keyway with national distribution rights. It means that CLKsupplies was the only one in the USA that has this keyway. We have in stock MX13, our key control system, also known as a restricted key system.


Let's talk about the three main key systems out there in the world today. First is your standard Schlage or Kwikset keyway, open and available to anyone. The highest end of a key system is the Medeco, where the keys are restricted to who they're available to and the documentation that goes with it. It has high-security features in there that make it very difficult to be tampered with. And somewhere in the middle of those two is a restricted key system, the GMS MX, meaning GMS for this particular keyway only sells the cylinders and the blanks to CLKsupplies. Then, we only sell them to the dealers; all the keys have serial numbers and are tracked from the manufacturer to the end-user. That way, you can't get unauthorized duplicates because of the systems in place.

 GMS MX13 Keys


First of all, these are made by GMS. GMS is known to produce high-quality cylinders, which is essential when you're keying them up all the time. The MX keyway will be available in all types of cylinders you're going to need for any commercial type of application, and they come in all the standard US26D, US10B, and US3 finishes. 

 MX13 Restricted Keyway Mortise Cylinder

And last but not least, also the LFIC for the Large Format Course. You can also use all of your existing equipment, machines, and pinning kits to work on these cylinders because they use Schlage space and depth information. So, for a code machine, you're just going to use your standard Framon 2 using the Schlage space and depth information or your HPC machine as well or any electronic machine; all you have to do is put in the Schlage card number and cut the key.

 Cutting MX13 Keys

When it comes to pinning them, you get to use either your universal kit or your Schlage pinning kit, which is great because odds are you already have all the equipment you need. You're already familiar with cutting those keys and pinning those types of locks and each cylinder. It even comes with a couple of spool pins to add some anti-picking resistance.

 Schlage Pinning Kit

Make a high profit on the keys and cylinders and fill a real need that your existing customers already have. And as of right now, dealer applications are officially open. So if you would like to become a GMS MX dealer with us at CLKsupplies, please in the links, click on it, fill it out, send it to us, or even give us a call and we'll talk about what it takes to become a dealer. When you sign up and become a dealer, we are going to give you our free course that's going to show you how to set up, maintain and sell the key control systems along with all the forms you're going to need to make sure that you can hit it out of the park.

 Online course for selling MX13 restricted key system

I'd love to know your comments on the MX system below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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