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GMS MX Restricted Key System

GMS MX Restricted Key System

In today's world, end users (your customers) want key control. When a Company issues a key to an employee they need to know that key cannot be copied without authorization. Standard keys like SC1, KW1, S22, C123, etc can be easily duplicated at any Supercenter, Grocery Store, or Hardware store along with Automatic Key Duplicating Kiosks it is impossible to have Key Control with standard keys.

What about Do Not Duplicate Keys? Unfortunately putting "Do Not Duplicate" on a standard key does not mean much especially with Automatic Key Cutting Kiosks. Do Not Duplicate keys by themselves do not provide any Key Control.

Why you'll love it

You already have the tools:

The MX Keys and Cylinders use Schlage Specifications which means you Cut MX Keys and Pin MX Cylinders with the same machines and pinning kits as Standard Schlage Locks. The MX System uses the same Depths 0-9 and Spaces as a standard Schlage SC1 or SC4 key! 

You can afford it:

The MX Keys and Cylinders are in the same pricing range as a standard GMS Cylinders which allows you to offer Key Control to your Customers at an affordable price while making a great profit!

The same quality you already love:

GMS undoubtedly, is a top tier Cylinder and Key Blank manufacturer and has gained a reputation for producing high quality and reliable products in the Locksmithing and Security Industry.

A wide range of cylinders are available: 

What's a key system without a wide range of cylinders to fit the applications you need them to! The GMS MX system has:

  • Mortise Cylinders in US26D, US10B, and US3 finishes in length's 1", 1 1/8", and 1 1/4".
  • Rim Cylinders in US26D, US10B, and US3
  • Key in Knob, Lever, Deadbolt Cylinders that work in essentially all standard Schlage Type Designed Commercial Lock.
  •  LFIC Cylinders for Large Format Interchangeable Core projects
  • 5 and 6 pin Key Blanks to accommodate your customers needs.

 Are you ready to sign up to be a Dealer for your area?

When you sign up to be a GMS MX Dealer in your area we want you to be successful and we want your business to grow! We are going to give you our Online Course - How to Setup, Maintain, and Sell Restricted Key Systems a $129 value for free! This course will get you up to speed with the best techniques and documents to not only setup and maintain documents but help you price your keys and cylinders and teach you how to sell systems!

You will also get a Ultimate Pinning Mat and our famous "Big Bro" tool!

To learn more about the GMS MX Restricted Key System please fill out this form or give us a call at 800-848-6989!