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Unlocking Success: A Unique #Locksmith Apprentice Program

The locksmithing profession, a fusion of ancient craftsmanship and modern-day technology, continues to evolve and adapt. Michael Anderson, the visionary owner of Anderson Lock and Safe, provides a fresh perspective on the future of the locksmithing industry.

Deep Roots in Craftsmanship

  • Anderson Lock and Safe, based in Phoenix, Arizona, has been a stalwart in the security industry since 1966.
  • With every major city locksmith comes a legacy. As Michael states, there's a rich history and reputation intertwined with his company.

Not Your Typical Entry

  • Despite Anderson Lock and Safe's long-standing reputation, Michael's journey as the owner for five years is a testament to the unconventional.
  • Candidly, he shares, "I thought I'd get better at it." With his team's varied skills, Michael humorously accepts his rank at the bottom.

The Apprentice Program: A Groundbreaking Initiative

  • To bridge the skills gap, Michael introduced an innovative apprenticeship program.
  • Targeting individuals with no prior experience, the program emphasizes aptitude and attitude.
  • Apprentices undergo an intensive 13-week training:
    • 3 weeks of classroom sessions.
    • 10 weeks of fieldwork, handling real-world situations.
  • The training covers a wide spectrum, from re-keying locks to designing intricate master systems.

Investing in the Future

  • Trainees are compensated throughout their training, starting at $16 an hour.
  • By the culmination, they're equipped with tools, vans, and inventory – a solid foundation for their professional journey.

Challenges Faced & Lessons Learned

  • Like any initiative, the apprentice program has had its hiccups. Some candidates don't survive the rigorous training, but each iteration refines the process.

A New Vision for Locksmithing

  • The shortage of skilled personnel is a pressing issue in the locksmith industry.
  • Michael's training-centric approach aims to infuse new blood into the trade, hoping more businesses emulate this model and preserve the rich tradition of locksmithing.

Elevating Locksmithing in Today's World: A Guide for the Modern Business

1. Seeking the Right Attitude and Efficient Communication

  • While experience is valuable, Michael emphasizes the essence of the right attitude.
  • Communication is pivotal. "If we don't get a good impression within two minutes, it's probably just not the job for you," Michael opines.

2. Embracing the Apprentice Program

  • This platform is a lifeline for those keen on locksmithing but may be green in experience. It's a foundation for growth and mastery.

3. Revolutionizing Pay Structure

  • Michael's progressive pay model prioritizes performance.
  • Workers earn a percentage of service calls, labor, and parts profit, fostering a holistic service approach.

4. Positive Outcomes

  • This pay structure has transformed company dynamics.
  • Technicians are more invested in each task, enhancing customer experience and garnering rave reviews.


Michael Anderson's forward-thinking strategies in hiring, training, and compensation are charting a new course for the locksmithing industry. As the demand for skilled locksmiths surges, it's crucial for the trade to evolve, ensuring it remains attractive for future generations. This roadmap – emphasizing attitude, continuous learning, and performance-based rewards – might just be the key to unlocking the industry's success.

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