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Affordable Excellence: The Flip Key Pin Removal #Tool Every #Automotive #Locksmith Needs

Locksmiths in the automotive sector, especially those familiar with flip keys, understand the challenge of efficiently removing and replacing roll pins. Today, we delve into a tool that revolutionizes the way automotive locksmiths work – the Flip Key Pin Removal Tool.

Why is the Flip Key Pin Removal Tool a Game-Changer?

  1. Simplicity & Efficiency: At first glance, the Flip Key removal tool might seem rudimentary, but it's designed for functionality. Its ergonomic structure allows for easy removal and replacement of roll pins, specifically designed for automotive flip keys.

  2. Affordability: Not only is the tool efficient, but it's also budget-friendly. Considering its performance, it offers significant value for its price.

  3. Replacement Parts: Accidents happen, and tools wear out. But with this tool, you can easily buy and replace parts. This ensures longevity and consistent performance.

  4. Multifunctional: Whether it's a GM flip key or a Jeep flip key, this tool can handle it all, demonstrating its versatility across different car brands.

How Does It Work?

  • Begin by aligning the ejector pin with the roll pin on the key.
  • Apply steady, firm pressure. For stubborn pins, a lubricant like Houdini can help ease the process.
  • Once the pin is out, replacing or repairing the key blade becomes straightforward.
  • To reinsert the pin, it's advisable to slightly crimp the pin for easier insertion. Using the push pin, apply pressure until the roll pin is back in its place securely.

A Few Tips:

  • Using pliers, give the roll pin a slight squeeze on both ends before re-inserting. It makes the process smoother.
  • Always ensure that you work in an area where if the pin flies out, it won't be lost.
  • The tool kit comes with ejector pins (to push the roll pin out) and push pins (for reinserting the roll pin).




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