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This will Change How You Program Kia and Hyundai Keys! New #SmartPRO Program for Pin Codes

There's some exciting news in the air, especially for those who often grapple with Kia and Hyundai key programming. If you've been relying on the old ways, like using NASTF or seeking assistance from friendly dealers to get the PIN code, things are about to get a lot more straightforward.


Enter the new #SmartPRO Program for Pin Codes. John Steiner from Advanced Diagnostics ilco recently showcased the software's capabilities. Here's a breakdown of what we learned:

1. The New Software Revolution:

  • Previous challenges: Prior to this update, locksmiths faced restrictions in obtaining the PIN code for many Hyundai and Kia models.
  • The Change: This new software not only enhances pin reading on existing models but also supports newer models, even extending to the 2023 editions.

2. A Live Demonstration:

  • Vehicle in Focus: 2023 Hyundai Sonata.
  • Steps in the Process:
    • First, connect the OBD port, which is located differently in various models.
    • Ensure internet access as the software demands a Wi-Fi connection. (Tip: Check the connectivity icon on the software for connection status)
    • Once online, simply select the make and model, in this case, Hyundai and Sonata 2023.
    • Among the options, choose the new software.

3. Software Functionalities:

  • Connectivity Indicators: The software showcases bars to display the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, data lines indicate active data transmission.
  • Reading the Pin: After a few standard prompts, the software starts extracting data from the vehicle. This includes reading the PIN code, which may take a couple of minutes.

4. Pro Tips:

  • Always capture a picture of the PIN code as a backup.
  • Occasionally, post the process, the car might seem unresponsive. It's not a big concern! Waiting for a few moments or performing a hard reset (by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery) typically solves this issue.

Concluding Thoughts:

This new software is a game-changer for locksmith professionals dealing with Kia and Hyundai vehicles. It simplifies the process, cuts down the time, and adds an efficient layer to the overall experience.

Until next time, keep mastering those locks and keys!

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