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Craft Your Own Key Blade: A DIY Tutorial Using Triton Plus

The quest for a flawless, customized flip keyblade is one many locksmiths and enthusiasts embark upon. With the vast array of tools and equipment available today, the possibilities seem endless. Among these tools, the Triton Plus stands out as a promising companion for crafting the perfect keyblade. With its precise cutting and user-friendly interface, the Triton Plus, combined with the S8 jaw, opens the door to endless creative possibilities. This tutorial aims to demonstrate how to make a new flip keyblade for a GM remote using some innovative techniques and a fair bit of craftsmanship.

  1. Identification of Key Blade: The first step involves identifying the key blade and adjusting its size so it can be worked with using the Triton.
  2. Measuring and Cutting: The existing key blade is measured using a digital micrometer. The presenter explains the need to ensure the right fit, so it isn't too wobbly inside the remote.
  3. Aligning in the Triton: Before cutting, it's essential to correctly align the key in the Triton. You must add an additional 1.5 millimeters (150) for proper alignment.
  4. Cutting and Testing: After entering all the measurements, the Triton cuts the key blade. Once done, test the key blade's fit inside the remote.
  5. Groove Creation: Add a groove for the roll pin using a Dremel tool, highlighting the importance of getting a snug fit. You can use the Triton Plus for this but we found it is more time efficient to use a Dremel tool.
  6. Conclusion: The whole process took around 15-20 minutes, PJ mentions a couple of things that could be improved but concludes that the Triton plus and S8 jaw are useful tools for such tasks.

Mastering the art of crafting a flip keyblade is a satisfying endeavor, especially when equipped with the right tools like the Triton Plus. While it may seem daunting initially, with patience and practice, one can achieve precision and perfection. Always remember, it's not just about the destination but the journey of crafting keys that makes it all worthwhile!

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