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Maximizing Efficiency with the Ilco Auto Key Blank Reference Book

If you are a professional locksmith or anyone involved in the trade of locks and keys, the Ilco Auto Key Blank Reference Guide can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal. With the 2023 edition now available digitally (and soon in print), it's worth understanding some of the hidden gems within this guide that could help optimize your work.

The Ilco Auto Key Blank Reference Guide has been a cornerstone for automotive key blanks information for years. But beyond the surface, it offers far more than just model numbers and start-end dates. Let's delve into some of these "golden nuggets" that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Understanding the Key Blank Reference Guide

Once you open up the PDF guide, beyond the index and introductory pages, you'll find the meat of the information. There's a lot to unpack here - the model, start and end dates, lock applications, code series, Ilco easy part numbers, and more. A key trick for those familiar with Ilco machines is to pay attention to the card numbers - they can save you time when dealing with frequently used keys.

Demystifying the L-A-L (Look-Alike) Code

One aspect that often gets overlooked is the L-A-L (Look-Alike) code. For example, under a 2012-2023 Ford Focus, you'll find the "H94 PT" with an L-A-L in parentheses following it. This L-A-L indicates that a look-alike key is available.

Digging Deeper into the Look-Alike Keys

To find these look-alike keys, you can use Ilco's website or our website's make, model, year search. With the Ford Focus example, you'll find that the 2012-2014 model could also use a proximity key, the 2015-2019 model uses a different prox key, and the 2012-2017 model uses a high-security blade with a remote head key. So, when you see "L-A-L" in the reference guide, know that it implies more options and that finding them requires a bit more digging.

Transponder Equipment Requirements

Another feature to consider is the transponder equipment required. This information provides insight into which keys can be onboard programmed. For example, if you see an "OBD program J," it means there is a method for onboard programming of keys. The guide also includes onboard programming instructions at the end, making it a handy reference for locksmiths.

Unlocking the Power of the Reference Guide

This guide has enormous potential for those in the automotive locksmith industry. Whether you're a seasoned locksmith or just starting, familiarizing yourself with this guide will offer a wealth of information. It covers different options, code series, cards, and programming information, all of which can be incredibly beneficial.

You can also use our website's make, model, year search feature or download the Ilco Mikey's Pro app for additional help. Remember, the L-A-L feature has a broader implication than it might initially seem, so always keep an eye out for it.

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