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Why Locksmiths Struggle with Google Business Profile Verification and How to Overcome It

Being listed on the internet as a locksmith is crucial for attracting more customers and growing your business. However, many locksmiths face challenges when it comes to verifying their Google Business Profiles. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind these struggles and provide insights on how locksmiths can overcome them. Whether you're a professional locksmith or interested in the industry, this article aims to help you understand the importance of Google My Business and provide guidance on improving your online presence.

Part 1: The Difficulty of Google Business Profile Verification

Getting listed on Google My Business is essential for locksmiths who want to be easily discoverable by potential customers. However, the verification process can be challenging and frustrating. Let's dive into the reasons behind this difficulty and explore possible solutions.

The History of Spammy Listings: The locksmith industry on the internet has a troubled past, with numerous spammy listings, scam businesses, and fly-by-night operations. Google, as a search engine, aims to provide relevant and trustworthy results to its users. In response to the flood of poor listings, Google implemented stricter verification measures, making it more difficult for legitimate locksmith businesses to get listed.

Consequences for Legitimate Locksmiths: While Google's efforts to combat spam listings have improved search results, legitimate locksmith businesses often bear the consequences. They might face challenges in building their reputation, gaining community trust, and attracting customers due to the actions of bad actors in the industry. Moreover, the struggle to get listed creates frustration and hampers their ability to grow their business effectively.

Advantage of National Brands and Kiosks: One puzzling aspect is how kiosks, such as those found in grocery stores, seem to get listed as locksmiths in specific areas more easily than individual locksmiths. Many of these kiosks belong to national brands with a strong online presence. They have established authority, multiple locations, and historical listings, which expedite the verification process.

Understanding the Verification Process: To overcome the challenges of Google Business Profile verification, locksmiths need to take the right steps. Although the verification process may vary for each business, there are general recommendations to increase your chances of success. Here are some methods commonly used for verification:

  1. Verify by Mail: Google may send a postcard with a verification code to your physical address. However, this method may not be suitable for mobile locksmiths who serve specific areas instead of having a physical location.

  2. Verify by Phone: In some cases, Google offers the option to verify your business profile through a phone call. However, mobile locksmiths might not receive this verification method since they don't typically have a physical location.

  3. Verify by Email (Domain Verification): This method is often used by larger companies and national brands. By verifying the email address associated with your business domain, you can establish authority and potentially expedite the verification process.

Getting your locksmith business listed on Google My Business is crucial for attracting customers and expanding your online presence. While the verification process may present challenges, understanding the history of spammy listings and the advantages of national brands can shed light on the difficulties locksmiths face. By following the recommended steps and utilizing available verification methods, locksmiths can overcome these hurdles and successfully verify their Google Business Profiles.

Remember, a verified Google Business Profile enhances your online visibility, builds trust with potential customers, and improves your chances of ranking higher in search results.

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