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Locksmith Tips | Another way to use the LISHI CUTTER! Impressioning Keys

Making a key for a T-handle like this on a garage door? The first thing you need to do is look for a code stamped, and in this case, it is A18. You can search for it on software like the Futura Pro and GCode online. You’ll know that this needs a Y11 key, and if you are not sure about the results, you have two options.

Garage Door T-handle

Option 1 is after finding different codes that come up and fall within the code series on a Y11 key. You could try cutting them, see if they work, maybe you get lucky, perhaps you don't, while Option 2 is to resort to a more manual method.

Manual key cutting

In this case, since the lock is relatively simple, I’ll just make a key manually. A typical locksmith would grab a hand pile, maybe a pair of locking pliers, a couple of Y11 keys, and a hand pile. But I’m a LockBoss, so I’ll do it the LockBoss way. Now, I’m going to use a Y11 key that I did not modify and a lishi key cutter.

Y11 key

Get the blank key and put it in. Use the same impression in motion: back and forth, up and down, while putting pressure on both sides. After that, pull out the key.

Impressioning the Y11 key blank

You’ll see two different markings on the lishi cutter, a 0.5 on the right and a 0.6 on the left, with many little lines underneath. That means 0.5 millimeters and 0.6 millimeters. The small lines underneath are short alignment guides to look at the different positions, depth, and positions.

Lishi cutter

They were pretty helpful, but they're pretty close together. When you look at them at first glance, they almost look like they're just straight lines right across. I'm going to use those every time I see an impression mark. I’m going to try my best to take off down to the next pattern. It's hard, and sometimes I tend to go a little over, which is not good. Once you take it off, you can't bring it back and have to start over, so be careful.

Key cutting with a lishi cutter

Take a look and if you can’t the impressioning marks, put it back and do it again. Once done, pull it out, and if there are some markings, put the key in the cutter. Put it at an angle and cut it.

angle cut with a lishi

Once it turned up and it is still pretty hard. You must move it back and forth, wait for marks, and cut some adjustments until it goes well and easy.

garage door t-handle key cutting

Alright, so that is how you impression a key like a LockBoss using a lishi cutter. Have you guys done this before? Is it your preferred method, or do you choose to use a key file? Let me know. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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