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Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine by Ilco

by Ilco
$ 8,614.62

Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine

The Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine is the most convenient key machine both for inexperienced key cutters and professional locksmiths alike. It is the electronic key cutting machine of choice for residential and vehicle flat, cruciform laser and dimple keys. Thanks to the two cutting stations, compact dimensions and user-friendly software, the Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine is ideal for locksmiths looking for a comprehensive and portable solution.

At CLK Supplies, locksmiths can purchase the Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine. We have created a dedicated page for this key machine so that key professionals can find all the information about it in a single place. We have done our best to include every detail you need to know about this product but if you still have any doubt, dont hesitate to ask any agent of our customer care team. 

Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine offers unexperienced key cutters software-guided procedures so that errors can be easily minimized. In fact, it is controlled by a removable touch-screen tablet that guide users step by step in all key cutting operations. It is a lightweight and compact machine is fast and has access to the widest key database available on the market via its integrated tablet. Besides, it comes with a wide range of optional accessories that further increases the machines cutting capabilities, allowing professional locksmiths like yourself to duplicate almost any residential and vehicle key on the market.

Buy the Silca Futura Pro Electronic Key Machine from CLK Supplies today. Remember we offer free shipping on orders over $99 in the US. 


  • Exclusive double cutting station: Futura Pro is unique in having two cutting stations so flat, cruciform, laser and dimple keys, both residential and automotive, can all be cut using a single machine. The wide range of optional accessories available further increases the machines cutting capabilities allowing you to duplicate almost any residential and vehicle key on the market.
  • Practical and easy to operate: Futura Pro is controlled by a removable, 10" touch-screen tablet, which guides the user step-by-step in all key cutting operations (for example in selecting the correct key profile of a cylinder key, the make, model and year for vehicle keys, in the choice of the right cutter, clamp, etc.). The tablet integrates Silca Softwares main functions and data, including an extensive range of data cards and code tables for flat, cruciform, laser and dimple keys.
  • Immediate process control: The colour-changing LED lights help the key cutter to immediately see the process status:
    - white: the machine is ready to proceed;
    - yellow: the machine is cutting a key;
    - green: the key cutting is complete.
  • Faster cutting cycles: Futura Pro features faster cutting cycles thanks to a motor that delivers up to three times more power and cutters that reach speeds of 1585 rpm for flat keys and 12100 rpm for laser and dimple keys. A new tablet together with upgraded electronics deliver both faster response times and an all-round improvement in the machine performance.
  • Improved hardware and connectivity with 2 USB ports: All exposed screws are made of stainless steel for better resistance to wear and a longer life. The machine is equipped with 2 USB ports at the rear: one for the tablet battery charger and one for the tethering connection so the Futura Pro and tablet remain connected and operational even when the Wi-Fi connection is lost or unstable. The second USB port can also be used to connect the USB flash drive supplied with Futura Pro to import code tables or machine software updates.
  • Space-saving and portable solution: Futura Pro is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Featuring a safety shield that slides within the machine body and an ergonomic grip, it is perfect for small shops and vans.
  • Functional and stylish: Silca prides itself not only on the outstanding quality of its products but also on their unique design. Futura Pros total black new look is both distinctive and stylish. Revamped details include the new tool holder mat on the top of the machine and the protective motor cover made of polished steel.

New software features

  • Shortcut function for vehicle key cutting code searches: Searching for the right vehicle key cutting code is now easier and quicker with the card search shortcut function. Just input the first letters and the software will prompt the make and model youre looking for, so you dont have to manually enter the entire field.
  • Key cut preview: The preview allows the key cutter to check and correct the cut for a worn key. This function is now available also for laser keys.
  • Guided updating procedure: Keeping abreast of Futura Pros continuous upgrades has become easier with the new guided updating procedure. The software leads the user step-by-step through all the operations required for updating the machine (both via Wi-Fi and via web with Silca Remote Service).
  • Faster switch on: The machine turns on quickly thanks to the new upgraded electronics.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Technical Data

Power supply: Machine: 24V d.c. - 5,5 Amp. - 130W - Power pack: 90/264V a.c. - 50/60Hz - 220W - MEANWELL GS220A24-R7B
Cutter motor (dimple/laser cuts): 24V d.c.
Cutter motor (flat cuts): 24V d.c.
Prismatic cutter (flat cuts): 01F, in HSS super rapid steel, TiCN coated
Cutter (dimple cuts): 01D, in HSS super rapid steel
Cutter (laser cuts): 01LW, in carbide, AlCrN coated
Tool speed: Prismatic cutter: 1585 rpm - Cutter (dimple/laser cuts): 12100 rpm
Movements: on 3 axes (with special bushes) driven by step motors (on rectified roller guides)
Clamp (flat cuts): 01V, removable, with 4 universal sides for holding flat, vehicle and cruciform keys
Clamp (dimple/laser cuts): 01R, removable and provided with interchangeable jaws (01J and 02J)
Runs: X axis: 30 mm, Y axis: 50 mm, Z axis: 27 mm
Dimensions: width: 318 mm, depth: 413 mm, height with tablet and stand: 522 mm (without tablet and stand: 340 mm)
Weight: 20 Kg