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Key Programming Watch The SMART PRO Add GM Proximity For A Cadillac CTS!

To key program a 2019 Cadillac CTS turbo, we're going to be adding an Ilco lookalike aftermarket prox keys using the Smart PRO.

 To begin the programming, we have the Smart PRO, which is connected to the OBD2 port, and we also have the 'MYKEYS Pro' for all the information we need about this vehicle.


When you have everything set up, the first step is to go to 'Vehicle Selection' as you can see below, and select 'Cadillac.' Then, we will choose the CTS 2019 Prox Push Button. The MYKEYS Pro app can give you all the tips, tricks, and information you need to navigate the selection process.


Hit the connect, wait for a moment. Switch the ignition off, then OK.

After that, go to ‘Read Pin,’ hit the play button, and wait. We don't need to memorize this because the Smart Pro will automatically apply it, but we must first read it then click OK.


As the PIN code appears, hit OK. Go to add keys with the play button. All doors must be closed during the procedure, if so, click OK. All already programmed keys should remain outside the vehicle, you can put them underneath the vehicle then hit OK. Force ignition on and have a 10-minute wait.


After the 10-minute wait, Insert the first key to be learned into the pocket. When the key is in the pocket, hit Ok. Push the Stop/Start buttons once and click Ok. The programming will start, please wait. Do you want to program more keys? If not, click No, and Yes if you do. Press the Start/Stop button again to switch it off. Alright, Press and hold the Start/Stop button for 12 seconds and release it after the 12 seconds. Press and holds Start/Stop button until the ignition is switched on. Wait.


Press the Start/Stop button to switch the ignition off, then wait. Press and hold the Start/Stop button until the ignition is switched on. Press the Start/Stop button until the switch ignition switches off. Just one little push. Check to see if the remote locks/unlocks the vehicle, if it works, click OK. Now you have two working prox keys for this 2019 Cadillac CTS turbo.

For each programming done, you should test out the keys and be sure to hear the locks cycle. Compare the function of your newly programmed keys with the original key to be sure that everything is still working. You can try to start your ignition and controls with the new programmed key to ensure it is working the same.

And that's how you add an additional prox key using the Smart PRO to this 2019 Cadillac CTS turbo. The process was kind of weird going through and pushing all the buttons back and forth. Everything seemed to work exactly the way it was supposed to while we programmed it so I'm going to give the Smart PRO five stars on this one. Thank you and I'll see you next time!

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