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The SMART Pro by Advanced Diagnostics w/ 1 Year UTP

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$ 8,600.00

The SMART Pro by Advanced Diagnostics w/ 1 Year UTP

Smart Pro™ is the latest state-of-the-art vehicle key programmer developed
and made by Advanced Diagnostics, the foremost authority in vehicle key

Smart Pro™ comes with 1 year UTP and a standard 2-year warranty.
Integrated security meaning no more dongles or Smart Card required.

By integrating key programming and PIN reading functions into
one step (manufacturer dependent), the programming process is
significantly faster. Plus simple and easy updating via WiFi

Smart Pro™ is a high performance hybrid, all-in-one solution OBD
key programmer with the flexibility to customize based on individual needs. Owners can choose the Pay-As-You-Go method or use Unlimited Token Plans (UTP) as with the current MVP Pro. Owners can also choose to purchase software as with the current T Code Pro.

Smart Pro™, owners can now choose the “Hybrid Solution”, combining the best of both worlds. Based on local demand,software can be purchased for commonly encountered vehicles and never pay for tokens.

Smart Pro™ can then be supplemented with tokens to be used on less commonly encountered vehicles.Regardless of choice, Smart Pro™ always provides 100% coverage of the applications covered by Advanced Diagnostics.

Please Note: The Advanced Diagnostics Products we sell can only be used in the USA and Canada

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