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Key Programming | 2017 Subaru Forester with the SMART PRO!

Key programming a 2017 Subaru Forester starts with getting the right replacement. We're gonna add a remote head key, so we grabbed an Ilco aftermarket remote head key.

To begin the programming, we have the Smart Pro, which we’ll connect to the OBD2 port. With an aftermarket Ilco remote head key, we're going to program the transponder first, and then the remote separately. When you buy an Ilco, it comes with the little card that has its code, you can use that code to program the remote.

Code on Ilco key blank tag

When you have everything set up, the first step is to go to 'Select Manufacturer/ Selection' as you can see below, and select 'Subaru.' Then we will select the 2017 Forester blade option. When you have completed the selection, put the key into the ignition. The Smart Pro device should display a connection message like the one below.

Select manufacturer on SmartPro Key Programmer

Take the key, put it into the ignition and turn it on and we're going to go ahead and click Connect, which says switch the ignition off, switch hazards on. We'll click OK, according to the instructions on the Smart Pro device.

Connect Smartpro Key Programmer

Proceed to ‘Program Keys’ and hit the play button on the bottom left. ‘Switch ignition on with the registered key’ will appear so take the one you inserted and replace it with the registered key. Put it in. We'll switch it on. Click OK. ‘Keys Programmed’ with the number of it (3) will appear, click OK. Switch the ignition off, remove the key. Switch ignition on with the new key to be registered. Keys Programmed: 4. Do you want to program more keys? No. And we’re good there.

Program key blank using Smart Pro

We're going to go down to Program Remotes. We're gonna go ahead and hit play. Switch ignition on, switch it off, remove the key. Press the lock and unlock for each remote to be programmed. Okay, that’s within three minutes, so I'll go lock and unlock Okay. Try this remote.

Smart Pro by Advanced Diagnostics

For each programming done, you should test out the keys and be sure to hear the locks cycle. Compare the function of your newly programmed keys with the original key to be sure that everything is still working. You can try to start your ignition and controls with the new programmed key to ensure it is working the same.

We're done! We have both the key and the remote programmed. Alright, we now have two working keys for this 2017 Subaru Forester. We really like how the Smart PRO guides you through each step to make sure you have the right key at the right time. If you have any comments or questions about this procedure, let us know in the comments below!

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