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Key Programming | 2014 Ford Escape Gets a Transponder W/ Smart PRO!

Test your skills and key program a 2014 Ford Escape using the Smart PRO. In this case, the existing customer key is a remote-headed high-security key. There were instances where the customer doesn't want to spend the money to get another remote-headed key, because they're just looking for the cheapest spare that they could get. And the best thing to do is duplicate a key on an H94, a generic one, a key that will program into work alongside the remote-headed key.

 Key Cutting and duplicating

So you don't always have to program with other remote-headed keys. A lot of times, you can use the generic key to add it as well. Let's get the key programmed.

Connect the Smart PRO to the OBD2 port. Before I get going, I want to emphasize that you want to download the MYKEY'S Pro App to look up all the information about the vehicle before you get into programming it.

Using MYKEYS Pro app for key duplicating

Choose Vehicle Selection. Search for Ford and then Escape 2014.

 Select vehicle on Smart PRO key programmer

Select Escape 2014 to 2019 Blade; this is a blade here. So you want to make sure you choose the blade option, but if this were equipped with prox, you would like to use prox.

 Choose blade option on Smart PRO key programmer

There is information you're going to see on the app. These are listed on the Smart PRO, like photos and the likes. We'll go ahead and hit the Connect. Switch the ignition on and click OK.

 Smart PRO key programmer

Proceed to Add Keys and hit the play button. Switch ignition on with the key to be programmed, the H92, then hit OK.

 Smart PRO key programmer

Please wait for 3 minutes as it's doing the security bypass. As the process is still ongoing, there will be few different noises; these are normal.  

Wait for 'Procedure Complete,' and we'll unplug the Smart PRO. I always like to take the key out and then put it back in and make sure it works. Compare its performance to the existing customer key.

Test your work after programming your new prox key

All right. And that's how you program an extra H94 key to this 2014 Ford Escape. It's always important to make sure you're looking at the MYKEY'S Pro app, and you're coming to the vehicle as prepared as you possibly can. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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