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Transponder Keys Explained | H94 Ford 80 Bit

Transponder Keys Explained | H94 Ford 80 Bit

The H94 80-bit Ford transponder key is a high-security transponder key used by Ford from 2011 to 2019. Here are the exciting things you need to know before you deep dive into this key.



The part number H94 can be confusing. Is it the edge-style key or the high-security key? Because when you look at the Ford part numbers, there used to be a very popular edge style key called the H84 40-bit key. It was followed by the replacement key, the upgraded version, H92.  

H84 40-Bit Key
H84 40-BIT KEY                                                          
H92 Transponder Key Ford

So, there was H84 to H92, but when this key came out, they named it H94.

 Ford Transponder Key Blanks


The chip in the H94 key is the same chip that is in the H92. It is the Texas Instruments 80-bit 4D 63 encrypted key system, so programming the H92 and H94 will be the same, but the blades are completely different.


I recommend the JMA Chipless key shell, and the part number is TP00-FO-24.P.


The code series for this key is 10001 - 11500.


If you have automatic equipment, use that. However, if you don't, I want to show you how to cut it manually using the Silca Swift Plus.

 Silca Swift Plus Key Duplicating Machine

Typically, when duplicating, we'd always want to get the key all the way in to be more secure. But in this case, on the blank key, you'll notice a tiny dip. It's like a fake shoulder. When putting the key into the machine, ensure that the fake shoulder sticks out of the machine.

 Ford Key Duplicating

On the first line of the jaw, put the tip stop. Insert the key, then put your finger on top of it while clamping it. It will ensure that the key is installed nice and straight because any angle will cause some problems.

 Using the silca swift key duplicator

Once the key you are going to duplicate and the key blank are installed, start cutting.

 cutting a ford transponder key

Once done, buff the key, flip it and cut the other side using the same procedure.

I hope you find this blog helpful; check the YouTube video for more. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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