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Key Cutting Machine | FULL Overview of the ‘Versatile Keyline Gymkana 994!’

Utilize the Keyline Gymkana 994 electronic key machine and get more work done. A Gymkana 994 is a machine that duplicates or decodes and originates keys. Primarily with the automotive focus like edge-style automotive keys and high-security automotive-style keys. It makes it unique because it only uses one clamp, one cutter, and one tracer—making it easy and straightforward to interchange the tracer or the cutter, depending on if it's an edge or high security. The Gymkana 994's secret weapon is the M-jaw; the M-jaw cuts standard-style keys like a KW1 and SC-1. Keyline makes the machine with proprietary operating software. They are also known for manufacturing quality key machines with good tech support.

On the home screen of the Gymkana 994, you can search by vehicle, codes, and key blank for your day-to-day basis. Let’s start with VEHICLES.

Gymkana 994 key machine home screen


Let's search Ford. Start by typing Ford, chose Ford USA, and then hit the Next button. We’ll go to F150 and tap Next.

Note: Make sure to have the code series whether you are going to decode or originate.

If we had a 2010 Ford F150 that falls between 1996 and 2014, so hit the next button again.

It will bring us to the image below with four options. Choose DIRECT if you do a lot of lock decoding.

Gymkana 994 electronic key machine


For example, on the board below, the standard Ford door lock has 1 to 6 cut in it, so if you were to decode a door lock, you would still need to get cuts seven and eight that are only found in the ignition. After you got done decoding the door lock, you could enter the cuts by tapping the numbers, and so let's say you had a 2-4-2-4-5-4. These are the cuts you found, and you're missing the two remainings. Once you put it in there, hit find codes, and it's going to pull up all possible key codes that have that same bitting. For this example, three different ones have popped up. So at that point, you would need to cut each one of these, and it takes you up to three keys if you needed to get the final key.

Key cutting using the Gymkana 994 electronic key machine


Since we’ve explored DIRECT Functionality, let's go back to codes and put in a code to cut the Ford key by code. So let's go ahead and put the code in 1701X. Ensure that you're putting exactly how the codes are listed, so if I were not to put an X on the end of it, it's not going to work. Make sure you have everything right, then we'll hit next.

Gymkana 994 electronic key machine

The image below will pop up. Just hit next again so that we can cut the key.

Key cutting tips

The image shows us it's the U-clamp, and you're going to see the U1 as the placement stop and where to put it.

using an electronic key cutting machine

At the clamp, you can see little lasered in marks. Those are suggestions. So when you go and put the key in, get it fairly close to that UO1. Clamp it down, and hit cut. You’ll notice that the machine will do a bit of calibrating, which is why you need to make sure that the entire jaw is free of key shavings.

Get the key and clean the jaw. Get back to the screen. It just says ‘Cut complete, please remove the key’ hit OK. We're good to go, and that is how the Gymkana cuts a standard edge style automotive key by code.

Gymkana 994 electronic key machine


Let's go to the home screen, and now, let's go into cutting a Honda high-security key. The cool feature about this machine is that we're not going to have to change the clamp, cutter, nor decoder. Everything is the same whether you're cutting the high-security style automotive keys or the edge style.

Since we are done with VEHICLE and CODES, let's go-to KEY BLANKS. Let's look at this Honda High-Security Key.


Start by typing in the blank key number. It's technically an HO03. Not an H0, but that's one of those weird parts about key blanks and the different numbers, something you'll keep learning over time as you go. Let's go ahead and hit next. Now once again, it's going to bring us up all sorts of different code series. Pick one, and we'll go next.


In the options, choose decode.

Ensure that the jaw is apparent from all the little shavings; by then, you can put the key that we want to decode. Bring it close to the U0, clamp it down, close the shield, and hit next.

Note: Watch and see where the decoder is hitting each of the cuts. That's the number one way to figure out if everything is correct. If it's not hitting those exactly, well, then you have some problems; you need to go back to the drawing board.

Decoding a high security key


It is super easy to put a new key in and cut it. Go ahead and take the original key out. Once again, make sure that the jaw is nice and clear, and then we'll stick the blank key in to cut. We'll bring it up there to the U0. Check that. We hit the next button here, U0, and we'll hit Cut.

Decoding a high security key with the Gymkana 994

Now that we have one side done, we're going to do we're going to take this key out and rotate it around. As I said, you can see all the shavings on here. We want to get those gone before we put the key back in, so we'll get all of those removed just like that, we'll flip the key around, put it back in up to the U0, and we'll cut the other side.


key duplicating

Alright, this key is done. It is that simple to decode and then cut a key like this Honda high-security key. Alright, and there you have it - the Gymkana 994 by Keyline. I would love to know what you think! Thanks and I will see you next time.

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