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How To Use The Rytan RY57 Plug Spinner | Video


With over 40,000 sold, the Rytan RY57 Original Spinner is a classic tool in the locksmiths toolbox. If you’re not a locksmith or are new to picking locks, a spinner tool is used to turn a lock plug that has been picked in the wrong direction or will not pick in the right direction. This can be a common challenge for locksmiths. A plug spinner such as the Rytan RY57 works by allowing the user to turn the plug fast enough so that the pins do not have enough time to fall back into the chamber that is keeping the plug immobilized. The lock spinner is an extremely useful tool and is part of a locksmith’s basic kit.

If you’re looking to purchase one for yourself, you can view the Rytan RY57 Original Spinner in our store. A compact version is also available, and replacement blades can also be purchased.


One of the best features of the Rytan RY57 Original Spinner is that it offers replacement blades. This means that the tool will last a very long time as the blades can be replaced at a minimal cost whenever needed and the tool itself shouldn’t wear out for decades. Replacing the blade is as simple as loosening the Allen bolt on the side of the tool, slipping the old blade out and slipping a new one in.

Rytan Original Plug Spinner Replacement Blades

The Rytan spinner tool is used once a lock is turned over. At times, in order to open the lock, the lock plug will need to be turned the opposite way from where it is stationed. The Rytan spinner tools will make this job easy and quick.

Here is how to use the tool:

1. Determine if the plug needs to be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise in order to arrive at the correct location


2. Using the Rytan spinner tool, set the blade to rotate in the direction that the plug needs to be turned by turning the lower knob of the spinner until it locks into place as indicated by the button on the bottom of the tool popping outward.


3. Using the blade replacement allen as a guide, insert the blade halfway into the keyhole being sure to keep it parallel to shear line or straight up and down in line with the “bible” of the lock

Rytan RY57 Plug Spinner


4. Holding the blade still and keeping your hands steady, push in the bottom button to release the action and the tool will do the work of spinning the plug in the direction you previously set


5. Remove the tool and the lock should now open.


The Rytan RJ57 Spinner Tool makes quick work of turning lock plugs that are positioned incorrectly for opening. It’s a great little tool that every locksmith or security agent needs in their arsenal.

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PJ: Hey, this is PJ with CLK Supplies and this is the RY57 Plug Spinner by Rytan. Now this plug spinner has been around for a really long time. As a matter of fact, on the instructions here, it says that they've sold over 40,000 of these. My favorite part about this plug spinner is that you can buy replacement blades for this now. Let me show you what they look like here. So they come in a pack of five and they look just like this. So this whole plug spinner is just using this spring steel for the plug spinner here and it's really easy to replace. You literally loosen this Allen here and it's going to come out the back and you can put a new one in and then put this replacement in here. Now if used correctly, this plug spinner with just the piece that it comes with it in here of the spring steel, it's going to last a really long time.

PJ: Let me show you how it works. So once you have the lock turned over, like you can see right here, sometimes Murphy's Law comes into effect and you need to flip it the other way to actually open the lock. So that's where a plug spinner comes in. So is what you're going to do on this plug spinner is that if we want to turn the plug here to the opposite direction from this... on this one here we're going to be going from right to left or clockwise, we're going to want to turn this plug spinner counter-clockwise or left to right.

PJ: So that's what we're going to do here is I'm going to turn this, then I'm going to push in just like that. When I pushed it in you can see this kind of pops out here just like that and as what we're going to do is we're going to take this and we're using this Allen here as a alignment guide to help us. So we're going to just stick it in here. Now I like to get this plug pretty close to the shear line. Straight up and down where the Bible is on the lock. So once we get it to about right there, I'm going to stick this in about halfway and I'm just going to hold it here. Let me move the camera down here just a little bit so you can see my hand and I'm going to go ahead and hit it just like that.

PJ: As you can see, when it did that is what happened is it has flipped it all the way over. Now we're going to be able to open the lock and get in the door. That's the RY57 Plug Spitter by Rytan. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

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