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Rytan Original Plug Spinner

by Rytan
$ 37.00

The Original Plug Spinner by Rytan

Push Button Operation And A Proven Track Record

The Ryatan Plug Spin­ner is an excellent solution that is unique when compared to other sim­i­lar locksmith tools in a few ways. The Ryatan Plug Spin­ner is but­ton acti­vated which allows for simple use as opposed to other styles where the user has to coil back a “flip­per”, lock it into place, and release the trig­ger. As is nec­es­sary for these lock­smith tools, the Ryatan Plug Spin­ner works in either direc­tion to allow the lock to be rotated in the desired direc­tion. Another great fea­ture of this lock­smith tool, is the avail­abil­ity of replace­ment blades. Replace­ment blades can be ordered when the orig­i­nal is bent or bro­ken, as some­times hap­pens with plug spin­ners because of the speed and torque they use. With a proven track record and 40,000 units sold, this seems to be an excel­lent option when equip­ping your lock­smith tool belt with a plug spinner.

  • Over 40,000 sold!
  • Bi-directional, flip the cylinder either way
  • Push Button technology allows easy use
  • Made in the USA!