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CLK Supplies: Key Programming | 2019 Honda Fit with the SMART PRO | Video Instructions

Key Programming today is a common practice for locksmiths! Today, PJ programs a 2019 Honda Fit with the Smart Pro by Advanced Diagnostics. Read below to learn how to program keys with the Smart Pro!

Hey, This is PJ with CLK supplies and I am going to add a new key to a 2019 Honda Fit which I have already duplicated. To  pair the new key to the Honda, I will be using the Advanced Diagnostics SmartPro key programmer.

Now let’s hop inside and program the additional key.

After connecting the SmartPro key programmer, you will need to select the car’s manufacturer from the menu screen. Locate and select “Honda”.


Key Programming the Smart Pro
Next, scroll down till you find the model. In this case, we’ll select “Fit” and make sure we have the correct model year and key type, “Blade”.


Next, click “connect”.

The next screen will then ask you to turn your ignition to the “ON” position. Once you have turned on the ignition to the vehicle, select “OK”.

Next, select the “Program Keys” button, then select the green “Play” button located in the bottom left of the screen.

A key pad will appear, asking total keys required. In this case, I’ll select two, which is the master key and the spare that I just finished cutting.

The next screen will direct you to switch the ignition off. Once the ignition is off, the screen will ask you to switch the ignition back on with the same key. Lastly, it will ask you to switch the ignition off one more time.

Once you have completed the series of ignition directions, the screen will direct you to “Switch ignition on with the next key within 20 seconds.”

Find the second key and switch the ignition on.

The screen will then direct you to switch the ignition off.

Now, the screen will ask you to turn the ignition on. This time, you will be directed to wait 10 seconds. Then switch ignition off, then on.

The next screen will ask you if the “Immo light is out”, which is located on the dashboard next to the RPM gauge. See below…

Key Programming a Honda Fit

If the light is on, select “Yes”.

The next screen will display “Procedure Complete”. Select “OK”.

Next, disconnect the SmartPro and test each key by turning on the ignition and starting the car.

The last item to check is the buttons on each key. Make sure you test each key by pressing the lock and unlock button on both keys to confirm their response. Both keys should be able to lock and unlock the doors to the vehicle. 

And that’s it. You now have two functioning keys for this Honda Fit.

Key Programming using the Smart Pro - Honda Fit

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See you next time!

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