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Super Jaw 3 For Ilco Key Machines

by Ilco
$ 143.34
Super Jaw 3 For Ilco Key Machines
  • Replace your key machines existing four-way vise jaws with new Ilco Super Jaw III high-performance vise jaws!
  • Their improved clamping performance means fewer miscuts and better key cutting efficiency 
  • Super Jaw III utilizes an alignment bushing and precision machining to ensure that the clamping force is evenly applied to keys and that the jaws mate squarely.
  • Gives your key machine greater clamping power, requiring less effort to secure keys.
  • Provides improved key cutting performance and accuracy; especially useful when cutting double-sided automotive keys.
  • Easy installation
  • Super Jaw III is designed to retrofit all Ilco and Dominion Lock key machine models using chromed four-way jaws including the following: 020, 024, 025, 040, 044, 045, etc
  • Ilco OEM Original Parts
  • Includes 2 complete jaws with springs
  • Item Number:045HD-3X
  • Part Number: BD0053XXXX