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Standard Masterkeying Online Course

Original price $ 75.00
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Standard Master Keying Online Course will cover the following items.

  • What is Master Keying.
  • What is a Master Key and How It is used.
  • The difference between Good and Bad Master Keys.
  • Keying Specifications, what are they and how do you find them.
  • Constants.
  • How Progression is Accomplished to create a Key Bitting Array.
  • What is The Order of Progression and how to change it.
  • How To Use The Key Bitting Array to create a change key listing.
  • What is the Standard Key Identification and why it is out of date.

You will then be given the chance to generate a single page master key system and have the opportunity to validate your efforts.

  • Course CEU's 6.0

Why Take it Online?

Work at your own pace, when it is convenient to you. This Self-directed class will allow you to pause at anytime, take notes and make sure you understand the concepts.

Once you purchase you will receive within 24 hours (during business hours), via email, log-in Instructions. This will begin the 30 day period you can view the course material.


Once you complete the course and understand the material you can take the Exam! If you get a 70% or better grade we will send you a Course Certificate stating you passed!