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ShurLok Over The Door Bracket For Lock Boxes

$ 5.86
ShurLok Over The Door Bracket For Lock Boxes
  • Bracket will fit over any door providing a more permanent solution
  • Great alternative if you don't want to place your lockbox on the door handle
  • Mechanical lock boxes can be secured not just ShurLoks
  • Can be mounted into the door with a screw
  • Made out of all metal construction

Hang Your Lock Box Over The Door

The ShurLok over the door bracket is the answer for placing your lockbox in a secure yet reachable place. It is a great alternative to placing a lock box over the door handle or attached to a pole or gate. This over the door bracket for key boxes works not only for the ShurLok lockbox but also other mechanical lockboxes. Please note that it will not work for electronic lockboxes.

Safe and Secure

With its all metal construction, the over the door lockbox bracket is strong and durable. The bracket can be placed over the door and remain unscrewed or be screwed into the door for permanent placement. When the bracket is not screwed into the door, it locks in place when the door is closed. Opening the door, by attaining the key from the lock box, will then give you the option of leaving the bracket over the door, taking it down temporally, or moving it along the top of the door to another location. This is why it can offer either a permanent or mobile solution to securing the lock box.

Product Dimensions

  • The width of the grip that goes over the door is 1 ¾” which is the maximum thickness that it can support.
  • The top of the bracket is 2 ½” long and the length that goes down behind the door is 4 ¾”.
  • The hole where the shackle will fit into is ½”.