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Schlage Punch Machine (BP201SC)

by Pro-Lok
Available- Normally ships within 5 days
$ 1,029.00

The Schlage Classic Blue Punch machine is designed to cut factory original keys. 

This machine cuts Schlage Classic (including I/C) keyways:  
  • Obverse Key Sections Only, C,CE, E, EF, F, FG, G, H, J, K,L (aftermarket L Blanks Only)
  • Primus -  same key sections as obverse except a “P” has been added To Keyway # (ie: CP, CEP, EP, Etc.)
  • Schlage Everest C  key sections (I.E.C123, C124, C126, C135, C145... etc) (Including I/C)
  • Everest Primus - uses same names as Primus
  • Everest 29 S key sections - uses key sections S + 3 digits
  • Exclusions: Numbered Key Sections, Quad Key Sections, Reverse Key Sections, Everest B (B + 3 Digits), Everest D (D + 3 Digits), Everest 29 R (R + 3 digits), Everest 29 T (T + 3 digits).