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Schlage Everest C123 Blank

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Schlage Everest C123 Key Blanks

Schlage created a few features on the C123 key blanks that were helpful for both security and usage. To prevent lock pick­ing and unwanted entry, Schlage incor­po­rated an addi­tional side, spring-​​tensioned pin that rides on a groove cut into the side of the key. By doing this, entry by lock picking has an additional step that can be difficult. The keyway itself is also quite narrow and more difficult for lock picks to navigate. Key bumping is prevented simply because there is less availability of the C123 key blanks. Along with these benefits, these keys have a larger head that makes it more comfortable to turn.

C123 key blanks are part of a line from Schlage called Ever­est. It uses six pin-​​tumblers, along with the pre­vi­ously men­tioned side pin as lock­ing com­po­nents. The Ever­est is eas­ily iden­ti­fied by the logo on the face of the plug.
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