Rytan 16PC Traditional Pick Set Lock Picks Rytan

Rytan 16PC Traditional Pick Set

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Rytan 16PC Traditional Pick Set

A medium size pick set containing 16 assorted Rytan lock picking instruments. Included are popular traditional size
ball, hook, rake and diamond styles PLUS our Tri-Ball, Diamond-Hook and Riffle designs.
Double ended combination instruments for flexibility of picking methods as well as an assortment of popular
Rytan’s exclusive highly break resistant Stainless Steel pick blades with injection molded “fused” handles
that transmit just the right “tactile” feel when you pick open a lock, have been a RYTAN exclusive since 1984!
tension wrenches and broken key extractors fill out this popular moderately priced set. Includes our large pick case

Please Note: Professional ID is required to purchase this set

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