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Locksmith Training Program- Complete Kit

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  • Weight : 40.0 lb
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This Locksmith Training Program Complete kit is perfect for anyone starting up in the locksmith industry. The contents of this kit contain fundamental tools and instruments that are crucial to locksmith work. If your looking for a kit that has it all, then this kit is for you! 

* Current Lead Time of 6 weeks for the Flash 008 to ship.

The kit includes:


Locksmith dealers face two major challenges today:

  1. Finding qualified technicians.
  2. Training those technicians who want to move to the next level.

We decided to help locksmith dealers meet those challenges. We also developed this locksmith training program to help those wanting to enter the locksmith business. It supplements the educational programs offered through the security hardware industry.

Those who complete the locksmith training program develop a complete understanding of the skills needed to become a Certified Professional Locksmith. It will help you prepare for all parts of any proficiency testing program. This program leads to your certifications and possible state license.
The LTP will help you succeed because:

  1. Your technical knowledge will improve.
  2. Locksmith professionals will have more confidence in you.
  3. Your customers will have more confidence in you.

 Earning any certification is a strong statement of your commitment to your industry.

This program can help you move ahead in the industry. You will learn how to communicate technical information. This skill is vital for success with customers and co-workers. You will upgrade your skills and knowledge base. Your market value will increase, along with your potential for higher earnings.

 All industries look for well-trained, experienced, and competent workers. But right now, our industry is experiencing a significant lack of such workers. Many lockshmith jobs will go unfilled. Why? Because some applicants lack the training and experience employers are looking for. If you owned a locksmithing firm, who would you want to hire? Would you want an inexperienced, untrained person representing your company? No way!

 Training is necessary because being a professional locksmith involves a lot more than making keys and rescuing folks who lock themselves out of cars and homes. And the more you know the better off you’ll be. The fact is that the more training and knowledge you have the more valuable you will be to your employer or clients and improve your bottom line.

The Locksmith Training Program provides valuable tools that can help you along the path to your goal.

Formal training, such as this program, offers you the benefit of professional experience and support. And don't forget, trained locksmiths start at higher wages.

This program is developed by the Security Technical Institute - Locksmith Training Program (LTP), a division of the Society of Professional Locksmiths.




Locksmith Training Program- Complete Kit Specifications

  • Weight : 40.0 lb
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