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*Spend over $333 and add the #Lockboss Lishi on Earth Hat to your cart for FREE!*

Lock Saver 6.1 FL OZ Aerosol Can (60602)

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Lock Saver 6.1 FL OZ Aerosol Can (60602)

Lock Saver Lubricant

Perfect size for compact work trucks or for customer sales!

  • UNIQUE PTFE-Particle Technology
  • All Synthetic
  • Non-Hazardous
 Used by leading medical facilities, schools and universities nationally.

Preferred by locksmiths across Canada for extreme cold-temperature performance.

Super-protects against rust and wear in saltwater, high-humidity, high-corrosion environments.

LOCK SAVER is the world's first extreme performance lubricant for lock care and hardware maintenance, engineered with U.S. Military tested and proven lubrication technology. 

LOCK SAVER super-lubricates lock mechanisms and leaves parts clean and corrosion-resistant.

LOCK SAVER creates a nearly invisible, semi-dry lubrication barrier on lock parts, so locks work smoothly ... keys don't get greasy ... lock mechanisms don't "bleed" or spill onto floors ... and LOCK SAVER applies cleanly, without the heavy odor of other lock lubricants. 
  • Longest Lasting Lubrication
  • Total Anti-Corrosion Protection
  • Protects with Light, Semi-Dry Finish
  • Resists Wash-Off, Wear-Off
  • Frees Sticky Mechanisms
  • Won't Freeze or Gum Up
  • Frees Frozen Locks
  • Works in ALL Climates, Conditions
  • Temperatures -65 F to +450 F
  • Saves Maintenance and Money
  • Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly  
Our synthetic lock lube significantly outperforms other commercial brands for long-lasting lock lubrication.  

LOCK SAVER formulations include: LOCK SAVER lock oil for closely fitted parts; LOCK SAVER lock grease for heavy wear parts and LOCK SAVER aerosol products for standard lock cylinder maintenance. Our high-tech lock lubricant line also includes LOCK SAVER Cleaner/Degreaser for active lock maintenance work.