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Kwikset Lockout Key

$ 3.75

You can add 5 multiple(5,10,15,20,25,30.......)

You can add 5's multiple(5,10,15,20,25...)

Kwikset Lockout Key

Cut on the DE6 key, it works for the following  Keyways:
  • Kwikset KW1
  • Dexter DE6
  • Arrow AR1
How It works:
  • Stick the bottom part " A " into a lock, and pull back. The key gets trapped.
  • Stick the top part " B " into the lock, pull both A and B out at the same time.
What is this key used for?

To temporally restrict access.
  • To keep unpaid tenants out of a apartment or room until they pay the bill
  • To temporally close all access to a lock / door.
  • In case of theft, put a key in on each door until the locks can be rekeyed