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Ilco Kreate A Key Locksmith Software

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  • Vendor : Ilco
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Ilco Kreate A Key Locksmith Software


You've been waiting for it, and now it's ready. The latest Kreate A Key update has just been released!
We've spent the past 12 months scouring the world for new codes, new series, new cards, new opening instructions and new transponder information.

Yes, the 2012 update includes:

  • Over 2000 opening instructions
  • 6000 Different year models of vehicles
  • Over 1200 Transponder procedures
  • Over 700 Remote Instructions
  • Over 3000 Notes on Airbag, Wafer Locations and Misc Information
  • No lock or vehicle manufacturer has escaped our attention, and we've left no stone unturned in our effort to track down every possible code that's been released by lock companies right around the world. We've pulled apart more cars, locks and padlocks than most locksmiths would see in a lifetime in an effort to make things simple for you.
Kreate A Key 2012 World Class Features
  • Kreate A Key includes over 8000 code series, and has the largest collection of data available. Kreate A Key is an intuitive user interface using predictive text entry. The program has the broadest range of search criteria and the fastest search available in any code software including searching by code, manufacturer, vehicle make, model and year, card number, key blank reference, key type etc.
  • Key blank cross-references, includes over 70 Key Blank manufacturers and over 80,000 references.
  • Pictures of key blanks and key blank profiles.
  • Support for the widest range of key cutting machines.
  • Printouts of whole code series (for use in you van).
  • Ability to search for bittings across a range of code series.
  • Car opening instructions for popular models. (Optional Extra-Vehicle Instructions)
  • Complete ASP catalogue online, cross references against make and model, with most models featuring colour pictures of the ASP locks and service components.
  • Key Remote Programming procedures for popular models. (Optional Extra-Vehicle Instructions)
  • Transponder key information and programming techniques. (Optional Extra-Vehicle Instructions)
  • Client key code storage & retrievals.
  • Kreate A Key supports a wide range of locksmith tools and is not specific to any particular manufacturer.
  • Live updates are available periodically via the Internet as new code series and information comes to hand.
  • Licensed to install on three machines at the one premises, with no seucrity tag/dongle required.
Ability to Download to...
  • ILCO's EZ-Code
  • Silca's Unocode Version I, II, 299 and 399's
  • Silca's QuattroCode
  • Silca's Marker 2000
  • Silca's Triax (Optional Extra)
  • Ilco UltraCode
  • BD-Laser
  • Bianchi 993
  • Bianchi 994
  • JMA X-Code
  • ITL 9000 and 950
  • HPC's Codemax
  • Ilco Orion ECM 200
Key Cutting Information For...
  • Framon
  • Curtis
  • A1
  • Ilco Universal II
  • HPC Blitz (1200cm) Improved quality & accuracy on code card printouts
  • HPC 1200 Punch

Kreate A Key 2012 Does It All!

We are more confident than ever that you will find Kreate A Key to be "The World's BEST Code program", and that Kreate A Key is without compromise in terms of quality, ease of use, speed and quantity of information contained within.

The Minimum Computer Hardware Requirements Are...

  • Pentium CPU
  • 512MB of free (available) RAM
  • 300MB of available Hard Disk Drive space
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • One of: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.
  • The minimum display resolution required is 1024 x 576 (Higher display is required for complete display of some Dimple and Bit series) with 16 bit colour (sometimes called 64K colors or 65536 colours) or greater.
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later.
A Windows supported printer is optional. If you run several applications simultaneously you will require more RAM.

Ilco Kreate A Key Locksmith Software Specifications

  • Weight : 0.03 lb
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