IC Cylinder Drill Jig (CDJ-3) IC Core Hudson-ESP-HPC

IC Cylinder Drill Jig (CDJ-3)

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Type: IC Core

IC Cylinder Drill Jig (CDJ-3)

Cylinder Drill Jig, Drill Bit, 2 Key Blades and an Allen Wrench for Small Format Interchangeable Core CylindersThe SFIC Cylinder Drill Jig provides precise drilling points for both the control lug and the shear line.
By drilling the control lug, the core can be removed and the door opened. With the core removed, the pins can be decoded and a new control key can be code-cut.
By drilling the shearline, access can be gained immediately.
2 key blades for Best are included. If you are drilling an SFIC cylinder other than Best, then you will need to prepare the appropriate key blades.

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