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HPC 1200 Switch Blitz Code Machine

Available- Normally ships within 8 days
$ 3,445.75

HPC 1200 Switch Blitz Code Machine

The HPC 1200 Switch Blitz code machine is one of those tools for locksmiths that makes a huge difference in the business. It combines the Original Blitz code machine with a  heavy-duty semi-automatic duplicator. Busy locksmiths, that need to keep up with the demands of a  fast-paced lockshop will love to know that it is super simple to operate.

The HPC 1200 Switch Blitz code machine is brilliantly designed so that you can switch from code cutting to duplicating with a couple of simple movements. No tools required and no adjustments needed!

This amazing product is available at CLK Supplies, LLC. Our online store offers all kind of tools, key replacements and key code machines that any professional locksmith business may need. We invite you to surf our site in order to discover everything we have for you. And if you have any doubt or question, feel free to get in touch with our awesome customer care team. They are ready 24/7 to reply to any doubt or question you may have.

What makes the Switch Blitz ever more attractive is that it is equipped with the latest features to make a locksmith job easier and faster too even in lock shops that have a high volume of work.

Don’t think it twice and buy the HPC 1200 Switch Blitz code machine from us today!

The Switch Blitz™ is equipped with the latest features. It comes with the unique Quick Nut that allows for changing cutters without the use of any tools. The left-hand jaw is furnished with the Easy Flip Shoulder Gauge Handle. This handle makes it easier to raise and lower the shoulder gauge. The machine also has the Electronic Safety Switch on the shoulder gauge that prevents the machine from powering on if the shoulder gauge is not all the way in the down position.

The high-performance, long-life motor on the Switch Blitz™ provides ample torque for cutting a high volume of keys.

The machine is supplied with an expansive deck of 150 code cards, including many cards for the latest cars. Additional specialty code cards and adapters are available separately. If you need a machine for your van or only have space for one machine or you are ready to buy your first key machine, the Switch Blitz™ is your answer.