DIY Kwikset Lock Rekeying Starter Kit Pinning and Re-Keying Kits CLK

DIY Kwikset Lock Re-keying Starter Kit

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DIY Kwikset Rekeying Starter Kit

The DIY Kwikset Rekeying Starter Kit literally has EVERYTHING you need to start rekeying Kwikset locks! No matter what your level of experience is, this kit will get you up and running!

If you have ever wanted to start rekeying Kwikset locks this is the kit for you!

This kit comes with everything you need to start rekeying Kwikset locks including Generic Brand locks that use the Kwikset keyway.

What’s included in the DIY Kwikset Rekeying Starter Kit:

The Pinning Kit-

  • Standard Kwikset Pinning kit

The Tools-

  • Plastic Follower
  • Clip Removal Tool
  • Pin Tweezers
  • 5 in 1 Key Gauge
  • Multipick Tool

The Supplies-

  • 10 pairs of KW1 Setup Keys
  • 10 Blank KW1 Keys

The Training-

  • The Book “Lock Rekeying Made Simple”
  • A Step by Step book teaching how to rekey all standard type locks

Why Start with CLK Supplies?

CLK SUPPLIES has the experience and passion for the Locksmithing industry helping people get started Lock Rekeying. For over 10 years we have been helping individuals get started rekeying locks and succeeding!

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