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Learn How to Impression- Step by Step Guide

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Impressioning by definition is, the art and science of fitting a key to a lock cylinder without disassembling or picking the cylinder 

This chapter will give you an overall picture of impressioning. Once that concept is learned we’ll spend the rest of the lesson showing you how to practice the art of impressioning.

Lesson 10 in the Locksmith Training Program covers impressioning. 

When you have completed this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Identify tools used for impressioning and describe their functions. 
  • Describe the different types of single-sided and double-sided cylinders. 
  • Explain knifing the edge and shaving the top of a key blank. 
  • List the 5 steps for creating the marks when impressioning a key blank using the binding and rocking method. 
  • Describe the difference between the marks left by pin tumblers and those left by wafers.
  • List the 3 steps for filing the marks. 
  • Explain some tips for experienced locksmith impressioners.

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