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Best A-4 SFIC Pinning, Re-Keying Kit

$ 125.00

Best A-4 SFIC Pinning, Re-Keying Kit

This Best A-4 SFIC Pinning Kit was designed and manufactured in the USA with the professional in mind. If you are looking for a workhorse pinning kit, you've found it! With it's Heavy duty metal box, OEM Design Pins, Leak proof lid, and Space to keep your rekeying tools you can count on this kit every time!


Interchangeable Core A-4 system

For use with Arrow, Best, KSP and Falcon


What is the difference between the A4 and other Best Interchangeable Core systems?

The A4 is similar to other Best IC systems in many ways. Keying and the design is all very similar. The difference lies in the cut depths on the key blank and corresponding pin height. A number one bottom pin in the A4 system does not share the same height as a number one lock pin from an A2 or A3 IC system. The A2 is by far the most popular, but when servicing the A4 system, this pinning kit is required.


A4 Rekeying Kit Specs

.108 diameter pins

#0-5 Bottom pins

#1-11 Master pins

 Best caps
100 pieces per size