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Silca Futura Edge - Cuts Edge Cut Keys (By code and Duplicate)

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  • Vendor : Ilco
  • Weight : 36.0 lb
  • Function : Electronic
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Original price $ 3,642.90 - Original price $ 3,642.90
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Built on the successful Futura platform, the Futura Edge is designed for edge cut keys. The Futura Edge will easily duplicate by copying from the original key, by indirect code or by direct code. Like the Futura Pro, this model is powerful enough for the professional and ideal for inexperienced users thanks to the software-guided procedures.

Work Efficiencies

  • Patented laser reading of the key profile, no need to search for the relevant cutting card.
  • Nickel plated, 4-sided clamp with a patented, precise rotation system
  • The color-changing LED lights indicates the status of the cutting process: white = ready to proceed, yellow = process of cutting, green = cutting is complete and it is safe to raise the safety shield.
  • Wi-Fi link between machine and tablet or the user can tether the tablet directly to the machine.
  • Equipped with two USB ports on the back of the machine; one for tablet recharge and one for the tethering connection so the machine and tablet remain connected and operational even when the Wi-Fi connection is lost or unstable. The second USB port can also be used to connect the supplied USB flash drive to import code tables or machine software updates.
  • Optional Code Maker software allows user to create custom cutting cards for standard edge cut keys.
  • Fast cutting cycles plus tablet and electronics that deliver fast start up and response times between the tablet and the machine.
  • Exposed screws are stainless steel for wear resistance and longevity
  • Software interfaces with Instacode and Kreate-A-Key
  • Removable tablet stand can be locked onto the hood of the machine or placed on the counter

Edge Cut Station

  • Duplicate by copying from the original key, indirect code or by direct code.
  • Securely clamp standard residential/commercial keys on side A, smaller blade keys for padlocks, cabinets, etc. on side B.
  • Dedicated to Automotive are sides C and D (tongue and groove system) that allow for proper alignment of two-sided keys; even worn keys can be easily decoded
  • Step-by-Step calibration instructions
  • Optional 06V clamp allows for secure clamping of Best style keys regardless of the key-way. The built-in tip stop makes gauging Best keys simple and easy. Jaw A (same as on the 01V clamp) will be on the opposite side, so this jaw can be used for Best type keys and standard edge cut keys. Simply install the 06V in place of the 01V on your Futura machine using the inner clamp spring from the 01V.

Ease of Operation

  • Shortcut function for vehicle key cutting code searches eliminates manual entry. Simply input the first letters and the software will prompt the make and model for your selection
  • Built-in tool/accessory tray on top of the machine
  • Multi-language support

Motors: 24V d.c., 5,5 Amp, 130W
Power Supply: 90/264V a.c - 50/60Hz
Tool Speed: 1500 RPM
Prismatic Cutter: D747276ZR
Movements: 2 axes (special bushings) driven by step motors on rectified roller guides
Carriage Runs: Axis X 1.18 (30mm) x Axis Y 1.97 (50mm)
Dimensions: 12.52 (318mm) W 16.26 (413mm) D 20.47 (522mm) H with tablet 13.38 (340mm) H without tablet
Weight: 35.3 lbs. (16 kg)
Warranty: 2 years (machine and tablet)*

 Futura Edge FAQs

Q. Will I need to change jaws/clamps in order to cut different types of keys?
A. The Futura Edge is equipped with a four-position jaw (clamp) that is used for most cylinder and edge cut automotive keys used in the North American market. The optional 06V Clamp allows secure clamping of Best type keys. The 06V clamp has a built-in tip stop to allow the user to easily clamp this type of key regardless of the keyway. Jaw A (same as on the 01V clamp) will be on the opposite side, so this jaw can be used for Best type keys and standard edge cut keys. Simply install the 06V in place of the 01V on your Futura EDGE machine using the inner clamp spring from the 01V and you are ready to go.

Q. When changing clamps and jaws will the Futura EDGE require re-calibrating?
A. The 01V clamp is calibrated at the factory and should not need to be calibrated prior to use. The optional 06V clamp
should be calibrated prior to use. The tablet walks the user through the calibration process step-by-step.
Q. Is there an option to use carbide cutters on the Futura?
A. The Futura EDGE is designed to be light weight. Because of the light weight benefit, the motor speed needed and the vibration caused with the use of carbide cutters would not be compatible, nor is it recommended.
Q. Are adapters needed for certain keys (narrow, etc.)?
A. Other than the optional 06V clamp mentioned above, you should be able to clamp the majority of keys used in the North American market without the use of special adapters, clamps or jaws. Cylinder keys with narrow blades may require
the placement of a pin (included with the machine) between the bottom of the clamp and the back of the key so that the key extends far enough out from the jaw surface to be properly read and cut. If the key has a narrow blade and is also very thin, it may require the use of two pins. Refer to the Operators manual for illustrations showing the placement of the pins.
Q. Will the Futura Edge operate without a Wi-Fi connection?
A. The Futura Edge can be set up in one of four modes (Access Point Mode, Local Network Mode, via Ethernet connection and Tethering). The machine is set on Access Point Mode at the factory. In this mode, the tablet connects directly to
the machine via a Wi-Fi signal generated by the machine so it is not dependent on a Wi-Fi signal from another source.The Local Network Mode can be used to connect the machine to a Wi-Fi router. Please consult the Software Operating
Guide of the Futura for more details.If you choose to tether the tablet to the machine, every time the machine is turned off it will default to Access Point Mode
and will require you to tether it again at start-up. Refer to the Software Operating Guide for more details.
Q. Can the Futura operational software be loaded onto an existing computer or tablet rather than the supplied tablet?
A. The software is actually loaded on the electronic board of the Futura machine. The tablet simply provides the operating
system to run the software. The tablet used to run the machine utilizes the Android 4.2.2 operating system. present it is not compatible with a computer or tablet utilizing a Windows or Apple operating system. You can, however, use another computer to operate the machine by typing the machines IP Address ( into the browser of your computer. The operating menu may not look exactly like the menu on the tablet (since the screen size may be different) and you may not be able to see all of the functions that are normally displayed on the tablet.
Q. How often will software updates be required?
A. Software updates are handled on a subscription basis. Updates would be required if a new key or code series is introduced to the market that is not currently on the database loaded in the program or if a change is made in the
operating software. It is recommended that you register and update your machine as soon as you receive it to ensure that you have the latest available software.
Q. How long is the subscription good for?
A. Like all Futura machines, updates to the database are free for the first six months. After the free period, there are four subscription options available, one year, three years, five years and ten years. All subscriptions expire on December 31
of the year of expiration. For example, a 1-year subscription purchased in August of 2018 would expire 12/31/18. A 3-year subscription would expire 12/31/21 and a 5-year subscription would expire 12/31/23. Updates made to the operating software will be provided free of charge.
Q. Will you notify owners when updates are available?
A. Yes. You should register all of your Ilco and Silca brand equipment to enable efficient repair service and to insure you receive update notifications.
Refer to the Futura operating manual to see instructions on how to register the machine or you can go directly to to register your machine.
Q. If I plug the tablet into the USB port on the Futura EDGE will it charge the tablet?
A. There are two USB ports on the back of the machine. The top port is used for charging the tablet. The bottom port is used for tethering and software updates.
Q. What is the purpose of the Copy by Original function?
A. The Copy by Original function uses the optical laser located in front of the cutter to read the pattern on the original key. The key cut will be an exact duplicate of the original key unless manual adjustments are made. If you are trying to decode a worn standard edge cut key in order to cut the duplicate back to OEM specifications you should use the Search function to identify the code series or Card used to cut the original key. Once you open the card, select Decoding on the right-hand menu and follow the instructions on the screen
Q. What is the warranty on the Futura Edge and are there limitations or exclusions with the 2 year warranty?
A. The warranty on the Futura Edge is two years. The warranty does not cover parts which become faulty as a result of negligence, bad installation, mishandling, use by unqualified personnel, normal wear, use of spare parts of other makes, transport and any circumstances beyond the control of our company. Owners should refer to the warranty certificate provided with the machine for details


* This key machine is eligible for an optional three-year extended warranty, providing added assurance for your investment. If you are interested in purchasing the extended warranty, kindly complete this form and submit it to Kaba Ilco, the manufacturer. Should you require further clarification or assistance, you can email or give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Silca Futura Edge - Cuts Edge Cut Keys (By code and Duplicate) Specifications

  • Weight : 36.0 lb
  • Function : Electronic
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