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Locksmiths are expected to produce accurate and perfect keys for their clients each and every time. Manual code machines are great helpers!  They help them reproduce and duplicate all kinds of keys, including the high security ones in an accurate way. Manual code machines are great for those locksmiths who are just starting with their business or are opening a second office and want to offer their customers a superb performance but cannot afford the more expensive electronic code machines yet. CLK Supplies, LLC is a top provider of manual code machines. We offer a wide assortment of manual code machines from the most important manufacturers such as Framon or HPC. We have created a dedicated page where professionals can look into the different brands and models of manual code machines that we have available for sale, study their characteristics, what interesting features they offer and which of them is more suitable for their needs. Besides, our team of dedicated customer care agents can answer any doubt or concern that you may have.  Whichever manual code machine you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to produce perfect keys. They are made from the highest-quality materials in order to ensure that long-lasting duration that professional locksmiths demand and require. These tools are part of the basic equipment that a professional locksmith needs in order to develop a successful and prosperous business.
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