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KW1, 1176 Kwikset Key Blank

$ 0.20

You can add 10's multiple(10,20,30,40,50...)

You can add 10's multiple(10,20,30,40,50...)

Kwikset Key Blank KW1

The KW1 Key Blank is by far the most popular key blanks in the USA.

This Kwikset Key is one of the most identifiable key blank in the USA market today. Also know as the Axxess 66 key, if you had to pick one key stock stock this key would be it! It is also very easy to cut with any standard key duplicator. To identify this key please look at the list below that hows each manufacturer's part number for this key. As you can see most will use the KW1 part number.

Mfg: Part Number:

  • Axxess: 66
  • Cole: KW1
  • Curtis KW-1
  • ESP: KW1
  • Ilco: 1176
  • Ilco EZ: KW1
  • Jet: KW1
  • JMA: KWI-1
  • Original: 1063KW
  • Star: 5KW1
  • Taylor: 54KS

The Kwikset Key Blank is the most common residential key blank made in the USA.