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Your Locksmith Video!?! | #Lockboss Show

Before you go to the posts of the week, comment of the week, and your locksmith video, check out this technical tee that comes free this month of September on any order over $379!



"Small town locksmith here since 1975. Also do Auto/ Truck towing, repairs, military truck and car sales. " - Paul A.

Paul, thanks for sending that in. It's really cool. I think it's one of those things, especially in small towns, sometimes like being a locksmith in itself can't really support itself unless you have a really wide surface area.


"Look at that a new padlock pin kit and a way to keep my topo chico cold from CLK Supplies. Thanks guys." - Chad S.

That's a good kit. I will last!  I love seeing that mat, pinning kit, and some tool. That’s really cool. Chad, thanks for sending that in. I like it a lot.  


"Thanks for the Lockboss Giveaway goodies, including the Wedgeco 5500 broken key extractor set which is a really nice set, picture of them attached. " - Dave A.

Thanks, Dave, for sending this pic in! We're glad you like the prize, and keep on being a #lockboss!



Yes. Essentially, if you wanted to choose the DA34, you can for sure. But yes, it is nice little extra tip.



Something that I was want to talk about, bring up, and chat for a few minutes about ‘What are we all doing here in the lock boss community together?’ We are learning and growing together. You're winning as well. And so, when it comes to the learning and growing part, something that has been happening for a while now that I kind of want to make official, and open the door up to anybody is this, as a matter of fact that actually happened today, so many of you have unique experiences, ways of doing things, tips, and tricks. And if you have some that you want to share with the lockboss community, and you don't have necessarily your own YouTube channel, like our friend locksny, we want to give you the opportunity to present and show your tip. We essentially want to share our channel with you. Because yes, at the end of the day, yes. Do we sell products? Is that how do we make our living? Absolutely. It’s 100% true. But at the same time, we also want to help everyone who works with locks and keys, learn and grow in their skills and their knowledge, as well. And so that's why we do this. And that's why, a good majority of the videos aren't about even a product that we're selling necessarily, but more about the knowledge or skills. That sort of thing. And so, if you have a tip or a demonstration of how you do something that you might find helpful, we want to share our platform and put it on here. So, with that being said, we realize a lot of you who are out there doing the work, you find it hard enough to maybe record it and don't even like or know how to edit the videos. Guess what, we will even edit it for you. And so, essentially how it'll work is on our website, on the very bottom left, you're going to see this #Lockboss Video Submission.


You can go there, fill the form that will pop up, and then you can upload your videos right there. And by doing that, it'll send it to us, and then we can edit it, we'll do what we want. Of course, I'll be watching them and do an intro outro commenting. Today someone sent a video. They just developed this really cool jig for electric style locks, and how to help to drill them out. That kind of stuff. And it's one of those things that you guys are making your own stuff. You're finding creative ways to do things. And we want to display that together. So how cool is that? So, I tell you what, if you want to record it, send it to us. We'll edit it, we'll put it up there, and hopefully, you'll enjoy it. So, it's kind of stuff that's already kind of been happening. A lot of the guest videos are ones that people come to us; different products or things. But I really want to make it official to any of you out there who feel like maybe you have a tip or a trick. Or maybe you're doing something that is kind of standard, but have a few little extra things that you do to make it better. Go ahead and send it to us. We'll be in contact and we'll get it put up, so how cool is that? Hopefully that all encouraged some of you to do that.


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