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Y160 Auto Key | 6 Things You Need to Know

Y160 Auto Key | 6 Things You Need to Know

Have confidence with the Y160 Transponder Key, so you look like a pro when the customer is watching.

The Y160 transponder key was the first transponder key that Chrysler Dodge Jeep had put up in 1999, and they used this key until about 2006. It is in the top 10 transponder keys in the USA today. Even though it went from 1999 to 2006, many vehicles on the road are using these. And if you're doing automotive locksmithing work, you will be running into this key quite often.


The Y160 is the first key that got put out right in 1999, and then, later on, the Y164 key came out. They look identically, but the key's color is one easy way to tell them apart. The Y160 key is a grayish color in the picture, and the Y164 is a tannish color. However, there are no standard colors for the two because all the different manufacturers, especially all the aftermarket ones, have made their flavor of gray and their flavor of tan.

 Y160 AND Y164 transponder keys


The Y160 uses the Texas Instruments 4D64 (encrypted) chip, unlike the Y164, which uses a Philips chip.

 transponder key chips


The Y160 uses the standard metalhead, Y159, which will also be the same for the Y164 key as its test key.

 transponder test key


Regarding the key shells, I recommend the JMA key shells part number TP00-CRH-15P.G. You can use the same shell for the Y160 or the Y164. If you haven't already noticed, much information is the same between the Y160 and the Y164. The only thing different is the actual transponder key and the color of the head.


The code series is the same as the Y164; it is the M code Series, M1 - M2618.


Duplicating the Y160 is identical to the Y159 and Y164. On the JMA Nomad, use Side 1 or Side A.

 duplicating a Y160 AND Y164 key

Put the key in the jaw. Ensure that there is enough meat on the bone or enough material to grip the key. However, since this is a tipstop key, meaning there's no shoulder on this key at all, we're going to align it on the tip; you want to make sure you can get as much of the key as possible on the jaw, so there's enough material to clamp to. Use the furthest viable option to clamp the key and make it nice and tight.

 Y160 AND Y164 key duplicating

Once it is all set, take the blank key, repeat the same process, and start duplicating the key.

 how to duplicate a transponder key - Y160 AND Y164


Remember: On the Y160 key, if your customer has two existing keys present, you can onboard an additional one without using a programmer. However, if the customer has one existing key or none at all, you're going to have to hook up your programmer and program it. It will require a PIN code.

I hope this information will help you have the confidence you need while you're on the job. Make sure you download the free PDF that cover everything we went over in an excellent compact way. I'd also love to know your comments on the Y160 transponder key, share it by commenting on our YouTube video, and make sure to include the #LockBoss to automatically enter and get a chance to win one of five free prizes every Tuesday. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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