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VITAL Info Before Using the Flash Mobile | Customer Q+A

The brand-new Flash Mobile Key Machine is the Flash 008 but with a battery pack. Enables you to cut anytime, anywhere, with or without electricity.

And since we received a lot of comments and questions about the Flash Mobile Key Machine, we reached out to Ilco to answer your questions and compile them. These answers are temporary, so they might change in a good way over some time.

 Flash Mobile Key Machine


A lot of the questions were on the battery. To start, it is a Lithium-ion, 2950mAh battery that requires three hours to be fully charged. It's going to cut about 300 - 400 keys on a full charge. Ilco's downplaying that number a little bit to be safe.

 Flash Mobile Key Machine with battery

The number one question is: 'When it comes to the battery, can we purchase a replacement battery once it fails?'

Answer: Since the product is new, replacement batteries are not available, but the machine comes with a two-year warranty, including the battery. In the years to come, you'll see a replacement option that you can buy and install yourself or send the machine back. Also, the machine is a plug-in, so even if the battery goes down or has to get replaced, you can still use it by plugging it.

Another piece of information about the battery is that the battery will not work after pulling it out of the box. It is because you have to plug the battery on the bottom of the machine.

One last little quick thing on the battery, when you buy a machine, and it's brand new, and you pull it out of the box. You plug it in, take the instructions, toss them, and go to use the battery on the machine. You're going to realize that you can only use it when you have it plugged into the wall, right? The battery is not going to work even when it says it. The reason is that you have got to plug the battery in on the bottom of the machine just like this.

 Flash Mobile Key Machine battery plugin


For the mounts, we were asked: 'Does it come with a quick-release mount?'

The answer is it does not; it's going to come with your standard fixed mount. Since the machine is in a mobile setting, you'll be moving the machine from time to time; there is no need to worry about that. But Ilco did say that there are no plans for quick release; however, if they received enough calls, maybe, if that's something that many people want.

 Flash Mobile Key Machine mount


As far as the cutter and tracer, the Flash machine, whether the Mobile or the Flash 008, both use the same cutter and tracer. The cutter life on these key machines will get around 1100 keys, but if you are gentle and use the shaving technique, you can get that number higher. In general, 1100 keys is what you should be looking at.

 Flash Mobile Key Machine


The weight of the basic Flash 008 that does not have a battery is about 14 pounds, and the Flash Mobile with the battery on the bottom of it weighs a little over 15 pounds.

 Flash Mobile Key Machine with battery pack

There you have it, the questions and answers for the Flash Mobile. I hope you found this information helpful. Let me know in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time! 

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