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Using a Shim Holder to Shim a Lock Easy & Fast | Video

Shim a Lock Easy & Fast

Sometimes, learning the technique of shimming can be difficult and quite often the reason why a person is unable to shim a lock is because the shim is getting damaged as they’re trying to shim. As a result, the shim will not go through the lock, thus causing a lot of problems.

So, if you’re having these types of problems you should definitely look at the shim holder. This is just a very basic device but let me tell you how it works and how it can make it easier to shim.

The first thing you want to do is to turn the knob open a little bit and pull the dowel back. Once you do that you need to take the shim, put it in the top, push it in and then you’ll gently push the dowel forward and get it nice and secure. You can straight it out if you want. This is going to allow you hold the shim down on the turn knob giving you some good, steady pressure onto the lock.

As you can see, when I use the shim holder to shim a lock I get really nice direct pressure. So, as I start shimming the shim doesn’t bend or snap. This is very important when shimming a lock.

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