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Unboxing the 240pc Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set: A Must-Have for Locksmiths

Locksmithing has undoubtedly evolved over the years. With the increasing complexity of automobiles, the locksmithing industry finds itself revisiting some of its past challenges, and pressure clips are once again in the spotlight. Today, we dive deep into the intricacies of the 240pc Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set and why every locksmith should consider having one in their toolkit.

Why Pressure Clips are Back in the Game

  • Changing Times, Changing Techniques: Once, locksmiths frequently removed door panels to access, decode, or re-key locks. Advanced technology meant this was less common with key codes and leashes. However, modern vehicle manufacturers have complicated key programming, requiring locksmiths to remove interior trim pieces to access connectors.

  • The Inevitable Challenges: Even for the seasoned locksmith, not every job goes smoothly. Some clips come off like a breeze while others require a bit more... persuasion. And sometimes, these clips break.

  • Avoiding the Small Issues: No locksmith wants to face the dreaded "one dollar problem". Imagine programming a key, only to realize you've damaged an interior trim. Having the right set of replacement clips can save the day and prevent minor issues from escalating.

What's Inside the 240pc Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set?

  • Diverse Range: The kit boasts 12 different styles, with 20 pieces for each style.

  • Universal Application: These clips are versatile, fitting a range of vehicles from GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and many more.

  • A Lifesaver on the Job: The right clip at the right time can save you from return trips and frustrated customers. With this set, you're prepared for the unexpected.

There's always that one clip that's the bane of a locksmith's existence. For some, it might be one particular pressure clip that's tricky to handle. 

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