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Unboxing and Testing the RW5 Plus Cloud Key Cloning Solution with Snoop

Silca's RW tools have been a staple in the locksmithing industry for many years when it comes to cloning keys, and their new RW5 solution is now available. In this video, PJ unboxes and tests out the RW5 Plus Cloud Key Cloning Solution with Snoop, providing an overview of the device's features and benefits.

RW5 Plus Cloud Key Cloning Solution w/ Snoop Key Cloner Ilco

After taking the RW5 out of the box, PJ notes that the serial number is not clearly displayed on the device and advises viewers to keep the box for reference. The device is then registered on the MyKey's Pro app on PJ's phone and charged. PJ goes on to highlight some of the key features and benefits of the RW5, including its ability to clone existing keys, identify chips in keys, and generate transponder chips.

The RW5 uses the GTI Pro and GTH Pro chip, which replaces five different chips. PJ notes that the price point of the RW5 is much better than previous solutions and that the device is entirely cloud-based. This is both good and bad, as it means that an internet connection is required, but also that new technologies can be easily incorporated for a lower cost.

GTI-PRO Multi Transponder Chip | GTI-PRO Automotive Key Ilco

The only other component needed is the U-Snoop, which is included with your RW5 and used to gather information from certain vehicles.

U-Snoop for Ilco Cloning Ilco Machines RW4, EZ Clone Automotive Tools Ilco

PJ then demonstrates how to clone a key using the RW5, taking viewers through each step. The key is cut and programmed successfully, and PJ notes that the RW5 performed well during the process.

Overall, the RW5 Plus Cloud Key Cloning Solution with Snoop appears to be a powerful tool for the cloning and programming of keys. Its cloud-based design and integration with the MyKey's Pro app make it a cost-effective solution for locksmiths and others in the industry. The ability to generate transponder chips and identify chips in keys is a significant advantage, and the Snoop allows for the gathering of information from specific vehicles. While an internet connection is required for the RW5 to function, this cloud-based design ensures that the device can easily incorporate new technologies in the future.

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