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Toyota Transponder Key | Does the "H" Matter- TOY44H

Toyota Transponder Key | Does the "H" Matter- TOY44H

Going over all of the information that you need to know about the Toyota TOY44H, plus a quick tip that you're going to find helpful.

In the notes below is a link to download the PDF document that has all the information. You can use it as a quick reference sheet.

The TOY44H is a part of a family of keys; the TOY44D, the TOY44G, and the TOY44H. There are many similarities between these keys, but they differ when it comes to the chip. Something you need to keep in mind when customers are calling you, wanting you to program Toyota keys. Make sure that you understand the differences and what to look out for. 


The three keys will look the same - the D, the G, and the H. However, when looking on an existing key, look for the little dimple or dot, that's going to be the D. And the G, and the H are both going to have those letters engraved on them. So that's how you're going to tell what TOY44 existing key the customer has visually.

 TOY44 Transponder Keys


When it comes to the H chip, Toyota brought them out in 2014 and is still being used in 2021, but not as much. In 2014, Toyota started putting push to start ignitions in instead of the key and lock cylinder. Those are going to use prox remotes that customers will keep in their pocket and hit the start button to start. However, up until now, you can get vehicles that have the option of a key cylinder ignition instead of the push to start. But I have found that those vehicles that have the push to start don't have them, and they now have a key ignition cylinder, then they're using the H chip. What does this mean? Why is it important? Essentially, it's this, if a customer call and has a 2020 Toyota vehicle, and you ask them if the ignition push is to start or do you put a key in it? If they put a key in it, there's a very high probability that it will be the H chip. That's how you're going to know if you will be working with a prox key or a transponder key.

 Toyota Transponder Keys


The TOY44H is going to use the Texas Instruments 4D-74. It's the "H Chip." The difference in part numbers between the G chip and the H chip are very similar, the G chip has a -72, and the H is a -74. You're going to hear the H chip sometimes talked about as like the super chip and what they mean is if the G chips started going to the gym, pumping a little bit of iron became the best version of itself, that it turned into the H chip.


The test key you're going to use is the TR47. A very popular key, you always want to make sure you have a good amount on hand.

 TR47 Test Key


The JMA TP00-TOYO-15.P will be the chipless key, and it is the same chipless key as the other TOY44 keys. Make sure you stock up.


The code series is going to be the same, the 50,000 to 69,999.


When it comes to duplicating these keys, make sure you master how to duplicate this keyway. It is so crucial because this keyway is used so much by Toyota. The sooner that you get it down and feel comfortable duplicating it, it's going to make your life a little less stressful. And remember, if you're struggling, get the Ilco adapter that you can put onto the key. That's going to help you duplicate them. Here are essential tips to copy this key.

 Toyota Transponder Key duplication

 ILCO adaptors for 2-way jaws

 Key cutting toyota transponder key

There you have it, all the information that you need to know about the TOY44H Toyota transponder key. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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