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Top 8 Essential Equipment Key Blanks for Locksmiths

As a locksmith, staying ahead of the game means being prepared for any key request that comes your way. Today, we’re diving into the top 8 essential equipment key blanks you should be stocking. These key blanks are the backbone of many pre-cut key sets, and having them on hand ensures you can duplicate keys at will. Let’s get started!

1. Y11 Key Blank

The Y11 key is a staple in the locksmith world due to its versatility and wide coverage of locks.

  • Popular uses: Various types of locks.
  • Why stock it: High demand and broad applicability.

2. HD75 Key Blank

While often associated with Honda motorcycle keys, the HD75 has many other applications.

  • Popular uses: Honda motorcycles and various equipment keys.
  • Why stock it: Its diverse utility in different lock types.

3. Y13 Key Blank

A quick fact about the Y13: it's essentially the reverse milling of the Y11.

  • Popular uses: Locks requiring reverse milling.
  • Why stock it: Complements the Y11, expanding your ability to cover more lock types.

4. KYM1P Key Blank

The KYM1 P key is underrated but incredibly versatile.

  • Popular uses: Often seen as a scooter key.
  • Why stock it: Similar to HD75 and HD74 but slightly longer, making it suitable for various applications.

5. KYM1RP Key Blank

Much like its counterpart, the KYM1RP is a must-have.

  • Popular uses: Also seen in scooters and similar to the KYM1P.
  • Why stock it: It covers a wide range of equipment with similar milling to the HD series.

6. Y6 Key Blank

The Y6 key is surprisingly prevalent in many different scenarios.

  • Popular uses: Diverse applications in equipment.
  • Why stock it: Its unexpected popularity in equipment keys makes it essential.

7. X132 Key Blank

The X132 key, while known for tanu covers, is also effective as an equipment key.

  • Popular uses: Tanu covers and various equipment.
  • Why stock it: Its milling and utility make it a good fit for multiple uses.

8. 1519 Key Blank

The 1519 is a distinct and specialized equipment key.

  • Popular uses: Specific equipment.
  • Why stock it: It’s a unique key that’s crucial for certain equipment types.

Why These Key Blanks Matter

Having these key blanks in your inventory means you're ready to handle a wide range of key duplication needs. They cover a significant portion of the pre-cut key lists and are essential for any professional locksmith.

Quick Recap:

  • Y11: Widely used and versatile.
  • HD75: Diverse applications including motorcycles.
  • Y13: Reverse milling of Y11.
  • KYM1 P and KYM1 R P: Underrated but highly versatile.
  • Y6: Surprisingly popular.
  • X132: Effective for tanu covers and equipment.
  • 1519: Specialized equipment key.

Final Thoughts

Check your inventory and ensure you have these key blanks stocked. This will not only improve your service range but also enhance your readiness for various equipment key duplication needs.


Stay sharp, and happy locksmithing!

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